Work in Progress at the Canberra get together

Work in Progress at the Canberra get together

We had a load of fun at the crazy quilting get together on the weekend. It was an informal affair and in some ways much more fun.

One of the things we did is have a chicken scratch. By pure chance I got a photo of Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World (in the hat) and Vivian Garforth of Anlabyhouse bending down next to her. In the forground on the left is Mary Lewis which many of the Aussie crazy quilters will know from the discussion lists. It was great to meet Viv and Mary and we hit up a friendship in no time at all.

We also had prizes and I won an antique UFO! This quilt is not finished and many of the silk pieces are badly shot but it is interesting because who ever was making it pieced the blocks by both hand and machine then stitched the blocks together before doing the hand work. We can not date this piece but it is old. I was delighted to have it because even though this quilt top is only partly worked as it demonstrates someones working process.

On Friday I promised to blog more work in progress photos. I have not forgotten but as you can see with all the fun and chatter I did not get a lot of stitching done over the weekend. I had too much fun talking.

It is a long a weekend this weekend and the weather is simply beautiful. I am not sure what we do today. Perhaps I might potter about in the garden or we might to go out somewhere. I love days that are unplanned and don’t have a to do list dominating them. In the meanwhile I will make another coffee, relax and browse my favourite blogs…

Later … just have a look at the temptation Allie is putting in my way. I am drooling on the keyboard


  1. Maureen you are right on both counts – it was a fun weekend – in some ways the informality was the best part

    Peggy Chicken scratch is a combination of recycled clothing and fabric scarps people have they might want to donate.

  2. Hi Sharon:
    Your Chicken Scratch looks awfully like the Prom Dress Swap we had this past July. All participants brought dresses made of fabric you would want to have in your crazy quilt, we spread them out on round tables, and at the count of three we all grabbed our scissors and began to cut. Besides reaping great fabric at the price of a thrift store dress, it also satisfied the need for revenge for all those real Prom indignities….didn’t get to go, went and had a miserable time, didn’t go and wouldn’t be caught dead at one….a lot of fun was had by all.
    Credit to the Crazy Quilt Society, they thought of it first and let us borrow their idea! This all took place at Camp Watch-A-Patcher, next happening in 2008.
    Perhaps you would like to put us on your trip calender?

  3. After seeing those photos, I’ve decided I MUST convince the husband we need to see Portland! What great shops! [If he finds that out, he’ll never go! lol]

    Colleen Rangel
  4. Oh Wow! how I wish I could have been there!
    You lot are having so much fun!
    Ok Viv…I want all the goss when you get back.
    Sharon, congratulations on winning the quilt..looks gorgoeus.
    I’m curious has to how you came about having the quilt to raffle / win ?

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