Answers for those thinking of taking an online class with me

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Answers for those thinking of taking an online class with me

I think some people are going through some sort of withdrawal after the 100 details in 100 days have finished. Out of the blue I have had a comment and a number of emails asking questions about my online classes at I have details posted here but I thought I would answer some questions that have popped up.

Both classes are self paced. Meaning you can stitch as much or as little as little as your life allows. I have designed the lessons so that people can work at them as much or as little as they choose. Some people have more time others do not. I understand this and encourage people to work at their own pace and have designed the lessons to reflect this.

I do not simply re-hash what is already online here on my site. Classes explain both the design process and the practical “how to” aspects of week. Both workshops are structured so that you move from stage to stage in coherent manner. They include step by step instructions on how to do particular things and illustrations about the process. Everything is photographed and illustrated. The idea is that read them and work thorough some of the ideas in them.

Both workshops are loaded with ideas and different ways of working and it is up to you as to how much you want to tackle. If you like the look of something or it sparks your creative juices you try it out. It’s a ‘pick and choose’ course and for this reason there is lots of ideas to choose from. Each week I expect people to pick an idea they like and explore it. They can choose to just do a few hours stitching or more. It’s up to the student. I would be very surprised if anyone managed to work their way through everything and try everything. This means that after the course is finished you have plenty of other things to try too!

Each student is given a User ID and password as well as the URL to the class webpage where they are expected to go and download each lesson each week. Lessons are in Adobe PDF document. Each workshop is 6 weeks long and there is a lesson week.

The other component of the classes is the forum. If you want to feedback and interaction with other stitchers the forum is the place to hang out. Participation in the forums is totally voluntary and not everyone joins in but I think this is the really fun part of the process. I am sure past students will agree with me when I say aat times there was a real party atmosphere in the forums. While not real time chat, everyone can post messages and it is here I answer questions and give feedback. So if you have problems I can help you there.

I am offering 2 classes Develop a Personal Library of Stitches with Sharon Boggon and Encrusted Crazy Quilting With both workshops aspects of design are discussed and explored.

Drop me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions of course I am only too happy to answer them.


  1. Great info on your classes.

    I have a questions on the work you pictured in this post. What kind of stitch is the higher (more raised) chainish looking stitch located about a third of the way from the bottom done in what looks (on my monitor) like coral and orange floss? It looks litereally like a chain, a very interesting effect.

    I only found your blog toward the end of your 100 days series, but am really enjoying it. Very informative!

  2. So,I looked at #100, printed it out and figured I’d do a practice for my PLoS class I’ve signed up for. After all I’ve followed the 100. This is tough! Having no art education or natural ability hasn’t helped. After 3 days I’m calling it done, as in over, but not finished. Whew can’t wait for the class.

    Doni Palmgren
  3. I am in withdrawal after the end of the 100 days. I asked my son how hard it would be to start a blog, and may do that with his assistance — then I could post my own stitches. I have signed up for the Personal Library of Stitches class, as the Encrusted CQ class was great. I can hardly wait for it to start – I’m even looking forward to getting the supply list.

    Marci Hainkel

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