Five weird things and what is on the hoop

Five weird things and what is on the hoop

I have been tagged with the 5 weird things meme by Allison Aller.

1. I have an embarrassingly loud rip roaring out of control laugh which for some reason or other is attached to my legs. If am sitting and someone says something funny my legs shoot forward as this loud cackle comes from my throat. This is fine as long as I am not in one of those polite social situations where you balance a tea cup and a plate on your knee as you quietly chat as I lose the tea. If I have a tray of beads or something related to crazy quilting on my lap it’s a disaster.

2. I love the age I am at. I see many 50 year olds worry about grey hair, their looks deteriorating and their figures. I can honestly say I don’t care as this is the best part of my life.

3. People see me as a leader but I see myself as on the outside of a group looking in. I have always done things a little differently and am constantly surprised if someone else thinks it is a good idea.

4. I happily ride on the back of Jerry’s motor bike. I do not hold a tune well and when riding no one can hear me under the helmet so I sing my heart out mile after mile until my voice is hoarse.

5. I have never decorated my home or gone for a ‘look’. I don’t have frill or flounce in my house. I have one crazy quilt on the wall in our bedroom and that is it. No frilly cushions, lace, ornaments etc within sight anywhere. Books line our walls, we have masks from Papua and New Guinea on the wall, a story board and few things collected while we have travelled. Yet the house is homey and somehow tells our story.

I have not tagged anyone as looking at the Crazy quilting blogs I thin I was the last person in the world to be tagged!

I promised to blog this as it developed and I nearly forgot to take a photo but here we are.

As you can see this bag is progressing. I have started an area of silk ribbon embroidery. This is partly worked at this stage and looks a bit of mess right now but silk ribbon embroidery is like that. It comes together at the end of the process. Over the yellow fabric at the end of purse I have worked cloud stitch. A number of seams have been started but yet to have a second layer of stitches added. No beading or hard embellishments yet as they go on last.

If you want to see the blank block it is at the bottom of this post and I have reported on my progress previously.


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