Tutorial on how to work Beaded Herringbone Stitch

Beaded herringbone is a variety of Herringbone stitch which makes a very attractive border stitch and is an ideal to use in crazy quilting to decorate a seam.

With this stitch the beading is done during the stitching process not added afterward. The trick is use a size 26 tapestry needle. Since the eye of a tapestry needle is long you can thread perle #8 and Perle #5 through the long eye. However the needle itself is thin which means you can add a bead to your working thread as you stitch.

The samples below are worked in # 5 cotton perle thread.
Beaded Herringbone stitch step 1Start Beaded Herringbone as you would regular herringbone stitch and work from left to right between two lines. Bring the needle out on the bottom left-hand side of the line to be worked.

Beaded Herringbone stitch step 2Make a small stitch on the top line which points to the left, pull the thread through.

Add 4 or 5 seed beads to your thread.

Beaded Herringbone stitch step 3

Insert the thread on the lower line a little to the right and make a small stitch which points to the left and pull the thread through.

Beaded Herringbone stitch step 4

Work a second crossbar by moving to the top of the line to make a small stitch which points to the left and pulling the thread through. Continue in the manner along the line.

Beaded Herringbone stitch step 5

I hope you enjoy this variety of Herringbone stitch

I hope you like this variety of Herringbone stitch! 


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