How to embroider Padded Satin stitch

Satin Stitch sample 2Padded Satin stitch is a very effective way to define and emphasise an area in your embroidery. You can work padded satin in a shape of one colour or jazz it up and give it a contemporary twist by changing colour and thread.

Padding can be a number of techniques or you can combine techniques to get the effect you want. In other words there is no hard and fast rules as to what you pad with. You can can use stitches to pad Satin stitch, such as chain stitch, split stitches, small running stitches or straight stitch as I have in the demonstration example below. Another method is to cut out small felt shapes, baste them to your foundation fabric and then Satin stitch over them. You can also use other materials such wool, card or even plastic if you want a firm padding. In the sample above I have padded some of these stitches with knitting ribbon and in some places left the ribbon showing and left some of the foundation fabric blank in order to create more interest.

How to work Padded Satin stitch

step by step how to work padded satin stitch 1Work the padding first. I worked about 5 long straight stitches using 6 strands of cotton floss.

step by step how to work padded satin stitch 2Bring the thread up through the fabric and make a straight stitch.Take the needle to the back and bring the needle out very close to the stitch just made and make your second satin stitch. Continue to cover the shape.

step by step how to work padded satin stitch 3Cover these stitches with Satin stitch.

step by step how to work padded satin stitch 4Make sure you take the needle to the back of the fabric so you are stitching through the fabric not just wrapping the padding stitches.
step by step how to work padded satin stitch 5Be careful to completely cover the padding evenly. When completed only the satin stitches should show.If the stitches too slack that they sag or too tight that they pucker the fabric use an embroiderers hoop so that you have better control of your tension.


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