Belgian Cross Stitch

Belgian Cross Stitch

sample of Belgian Cross Stitch Belgian Cross Stitch is an interesting variety of Cross stitch that is worked on a grid. It can be used in borders and fillings. In this stitch long diagonal stitches cross each. At first glance it looks like  Long Armed Cross stitch but Belgian Cross differs as it has horizontal straight stitches that form a base line. This stitch can be worked on even weave fabric and canvas.

How to work Belgian Cross Stitch

Work from left to right over a grid of 2 or 4 threads. In this demonstration I have worked Belgian Cross Stitch over 4 threads

Belgian Cross Stitch step 1Imagine a square on your fabric and create a large diagonal back stitch with the needle tip emerging at the bottom of the diagonal.

Belgian Cross Stitch step 2Make a horizontal straight stitch along the base line. Position the needle to emerge in the top left hand corner of the imaginary square.

Belgian Cross Stitch step 3Pull the thread through. Imagine a second square next to the first.

Belgian Cross Stitch step 4Make a long diagonal stitch that emerges on the top left of the second imaginary square and enters the fabric at the bottom right hand corner, as illustrated.

Belgian Cross Stitch step 5Create a shorter  diagonal cross stitch as illustrated.

Belgian Cross Stitch step 6Work a second straight stitch that sits on the base line

Belgian Cross Stitch step 7Make a second long diagonal stitch as illustrated

Belgian Cross Stitch Continue in this patterns along the line.


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Enjoy your stitching!



  1. Looking at the sample at the beginning of this article, there is a cross from the upper left to lower right to make that first stitch look like a regular cross stitch. It makes the first stitch in the row look slanted to the left, while all the others in the row are slanted to the right. How can this be corrected to make the first stitch slant to the right? Just omit that leg?

    Sharon Howell
    1. Sharon yes you can omit that first leg – I demonstrated it that way as all documentaion about this stitch starts that way and I did not want to go against the traditional and written sources


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