Italian Border Stitch Tutorial

Italian Border Stitch Tutorial

hand embroidered sample of Italian Border Stitch

Italian border Stitch is perfect for borders and edges. You can work this stitch where you would normally use buttonhole to finish an edge. Worked in a compact manner, it forms a neat line, with the knot reinforcing the edge.

Since this stitch is actually a variety of fly stitch it is very versatile. Italian border stitch can also be worked in a line, arranged in patterns or worked in a circle to create disk-like flowers.

You can easily add beads with this stitch. Since you can open the stitch out to form a V, there are countless geometric patterns too. You can also use it to hold down a thicker thread or ribbon, or weave a thin ribbon through the spokes.

hand embroidered sample of Italian Border stitch

How to work Italian Border Stitch

How to work Italian Border stitch step 1

Italian knotted border stitch is actually a variety of Fly stitch and you begin the stitch in the same way.

Bring the thread through the fabric out at the top and to the left of the line you are working.

Insert the needle a little way along the line, level, and to the right of where the thread first came out.

How to work Italian Border stitch step 2

With the thread wrapped under the needle, pull it through the fabric.

How to work Italian Border stitch step 3

Secure the stitch in position with a small knot.

To do this, you need to wrap your working thread once around the needle and insert the needle at the base to tie down the stitch.

How to work Italian Border stitch step 4

As you pull the needle to the back keep the tension of the working thread even by guiding the thread under your left thumb like you would a French knot.

How to work Italian Border stitch step 5

Continue along the row in this manner

How to work Italian Border stitch step 6

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Happy stitching!


  1. Thank-you Sharon, I am now embarking on TAST 2 and am very excited by the interesting possibilities and variations. I enjoy working with felt and wool and can see many ideas which I can use. thank-you for your generosity in sharing your expertise. Oh and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.

    Marilyn Larkin
  2. Yes Sharon I would love TAST to continue I have learnt so much from doing a new st each week an really look forward to Tuesday. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and all the great instructions each week.
    Doreen Parker

    Doreen Parker
    1. Yes you are right! I have fixed the Title and thanks for noticing. It is because I decided to add it to TAST and was not working from my list. I move away from my list and make mistakes. EEks!


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