Buttonhole Wheel Cup

Buttonhole Wheel Cup

Buttonhole wheel cup sample

I discovered the Buttonhole Wheel Cup while experimenting with buttonhole wheels. I am sure I just re-invented the stitch and somewhere another person has had the same thoughts.

They make great middles to flowers like daffodils and I use them all over the place in my textured embroidery, as I really like working them. I think I find it appealing because they are so highly textured.

How to make the stitch

Buttonhole wheel cup step 1

To work them you need to know how to work a buttonhole wheel and then are combine them with detached buttonhole. Both of these stitches are found in my stitch dictionary.

Start with working a buttonhole wheel. Space the spokes of the wheel fairly close together, but not packed. If your wheel edge flips up it is probably because you are not spacing the stitches close enough together.

Bring your thread out on the edge of the wheel and work a detached buttonhole stitch. I changed the thread colour so you can see what is happening, but normally I would have the same colour thread.

Into the edge of the buttonhole wheel, work buttonhole stitch. Do not work the stitch through the fabric but around the edge of the wheel. One row will produce a ridge.

Buttonhole wheel cup step 2

Two rows produce a small cup, and three, a deeper buttonhole wheel cup, and so forth. You can stitch beads to the middle of the cup or leave it as a textured stitch.

Buttonhole wheel cup sample

If you want the cup to go straight up don’t add any stitches. If you want it to flare a little, add an extra detached buttonhole stitch every two or three stitches. To do this, work two stitches into the same hole the same way you would with crochet or knot stitches.

I hope you enjoy this stitch!

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  1. I welcome the challenge.
    Due to some health issues and personal issues, i have not some stitches. But sure will try soon.
    Thankyou dear for doing this challenge. You make my days pretty. Yes everyweek i am so eaqur to see what will be the stitch this week. I enjoy all the fellow stitches and sometime wounder to see their creations and imagination. Really really i like this to be continue….
    Pl. go ahead dear.

  2. http://stitchinfingers.ning.com/profile/JeanneMarieMellor
    I especially Love, Love, Love this Buttonhole Cup Stitch!
    Since I was running behind 3 weeks, I decided to make a combination sampler page. This started out as a page for Beaded Hedebo Stitch, but I realized if I continued with making a page for each stitch I will never catch up. I’m glad I made this decision because these stitches were wonderful worked together. I did a block for each stitch alone and then the rest of the page combining the stitches.
    I textured the needle-felted tree with Hedebo Stitch, Italian Border Stitch and used the Buttonhole Cup Stitch to make the knots on the tree trunk. Then I used Knotted Loop Stitch for the leaves.
    I have to say, I do love all the stitches, but I especially love the dimensional stitches. I can hardly wait for some free time during the holidays to make a piece combining drizzle stitch, cast-on, stitch, buttonhole cup stitch, etc., etc., etc.! And Sharon, I really, really love your ideas for TAST 2013!

  3. I really appreciate the effort you make to teach us new stitches. I don’t think that we will ever bore of the opportunity to learn ways to make our work more unique! Thank you so very much for your more than generous shaing of your talent.

  4. ps ** Idea Alert **

    I’ve just read through the other comments while i was opening the links to look at all the pretty things. I had an idea. What about running two parallel TASTs. If we imagine a four week month and if there’s a fifth Tuesday it’s a catch up week. Then of the four weeks, week one and week three could be TAST Buds for budding needleworkers going through fairly basic stitches so that those who learned them for the first time this year and just did a little sampler can do a little project this time round, and those who are new can join in easily. The featured items would be published two weeks later on the Monday just before setting the new TAST Buds. The alternate weeks, two and four, would be TAST Blooms for those blooming stitchers who want a bit more of a challenge to learn more new stitches, combinations of stitches and build on what they’ve learned this year. Their featured work would be published two weeks later, the day before the next TAST Blooms challenge.

    xx Liz xx

    Liz Eph
    1. Liz I will be announcing a few changes to TAST for next year – its in draft now and some ideas similar to yours will be included. I want to keep it is simple (people dont read directions about challenges as it is – to complex we lose them!) but the idea of duel challenge, more break weeks and yet a steady supply of stitches is included.

  5. Dear Sharon, I’m loving TAST. One a week is perhaps a bit much. I’d quite like to do one a fortnight. Even if you do the same again I think I’ll have another go as I enjoy the stimulus to push myself to improve and the fun of the little competition. Thank you for the work you put into it all. xx Liz xx

    Liz Eph
  6. I am thoroughly enjoying the whole website and seeing what other stitchers are doing, It is exciting: and it is invigorating. I may not partake in TAST as I have a lot else going on and am obviously, not as young as I used to be.
    I do not know how you accomplish so much anyway. Count me in as appreciative.

  7. Sharon – if you continue with TAST in 2013 I will try to keep up. I love learning the new stitches and every weekly stitch-bit keeps my design juices flowing.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Laurel

  8. Hi Sharon, thank you for asking, I appreciate it so much! Nancilyn’s suggestion sounds great. Why not combine it with the tast for a small design and watch after 3 – 4 weeks how we all will have worked it out in different ways?

  9. I have learned so incredibly much by doing TAST this year that I would like to see it continue. Not sure if my commitment level will be the same but I’ll see what I can keep up with. Thanks Sharon for this wonderful opportunity.

  10. Buttonhole Wheel Cup samples are up on Flickr

    I’d like to continue with TAST in some form. I look so forward to it every week and believe it provides stability and discipline for me (I don’t do so well left to my own creative abandon!) in addition to the joy of learning, experimenting and sharing with others.

    Having participated in 2-1/2 TASTs, I’d look forward to some kind of variation like stitch combinations. Not previously composed combos — but what if Sharon picked some stitches completely at random, so that it would become our challenge to work them together. Imagine the variations we could come up with! If we pursued this on a weekly basis Sharon could give 3 stitches and give us the option of choosing 2 to work together or all 3 if we felt adventurous. On a monthly basis we could select. say 3 of 5, 4 of 5 or all 5.

    1. This is a good suggestion Nancilyn so I am thinking about it. It could be a challenge of experienced stitchers so that those that are learning could see what could be done.

  11. I have really enjoyed TAST and have learned so much. I think it would be beneficial to keep it going on – even if we revisited all the stitches over and over. It has been so great to see all the talent of the various ladies and how they come up with new uses and ideas. I have also learned several new stitches and/or variations that I could sure explore further. I vote to keep it going, either with a break or without. There have already been a couple of weeks that I had to miss for one reason or another – and I just try to catch up the best I can. As a beginner – I definitely think that TAST has helped me to improve my stitching, has given me QUALITY STANDARDS to EMULATE – (sometimes difficult, as some of the ladies are so EXACTING in their stitches) – and expanded my ideas about how stitches can be used creatively. Thank you so much for TAST. It has been a worthwhile endeavor for me!

    1. Pam I have enough stitches to keep going – not repeating – for another year definitely. I have been a stitch collector for 30 years now and have all sorts of odd stitches tucked aside in my notes. TAST is an excuse to document them before arthritis wipes my hands out.

  12. First, a great thank you to you, Sharon, for this years_ challenge. I would definitely like to continue with it in 2013. But I am constantly playing catch up for some months now and I am not able to follow the work of the other stitchers, what is a very important part of this challenge for me. There is so much inspiration! Therefore my question: Could we change to a fortnight rhythm, one new stitch for two weeks? I would feel more comfortable with more time to learn a new stitch, explore it at least a little and get inspired by the work of the fellow stitchers.

  13. Sharon, I want to thank you so much for organizing this year’s tast challenge and to say that I have genuinely enjoyed each and every week!! (and no doubt, the rest of this year’s too) I would love to continue into next year.

    I think the option of dropping in and out of the challenge would ease things for those of us who perhaps feel pressured by the weekly time frame and prove appealing to those of us who would like to cherry pick the more challenging stitches or the ones we do not know about.
    Here is my effort for this week.


  14. Hi Sharon,
    Firstly thank you for all your work with TAST this year. I have enjoyed following along with something a little structured and of course seeing the interpretations others make of the stitches. It has been a very inspiring program. (it gave me an entirely new slant on samplers -very different from that gained in primary school way back when…..)
    If you continue in 2013 I will certainly sign up again.

    Many thanks again

    Jenny Parker
  15. Yes I would like to participate in TAST next year too Sharon. I really appreciate all your work in bringing this to us and even though I haven’t been able to work on it for a while I love seeing all the wonderful examples!

    Viv Estill
  16. I am really behind with this TAST but have enjoyed watching what everyone else has been doing. I will be catching up over the next few weeks (definitely before Christmas, fingers crossed). Would love to continue with TAST next year.

  17. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to participate this year due to work commitments but I have been enjoying greatly all of the variations produced.
    I would love to rejoin next year when my workload reduces.
    I constantly recommend your blog to others as it is such a fantastic source of information and inspiration.

  18. I love following along with ya’ll my hands (arthritic) don’t allow me to do much, but I find myself looking forward to TAST’s postings. Thanks for all you do!

    Tracy DVR
  19. Hi Sharon,
    Even thou I haven’t done many of the stitches and I am silent in the background, I so look forward to the weekly TAST as it makes my day. I have made a notebook with all the stitches, and so love to see what everyone has done with it! I guess I am being selfish, but please do continue with the challenges!
    Thank you again for all you do!

  20. Sharon, I would like to continue learning with you in 2013! But you and all of us need a few weeks for the holiday season. Our families will thank you! And one, twice, a thousand times, thank you for taking your precious time to motivate us!

  21. I would love to continue Sharon….I am behind and trying to catch up but would love to see this move forward in the new year…..I have learned many stitches that I have not used before and I know for myself this has benefited me greatly….

  22. Hi Sharon,
    Please continue in 2013. Even if I am not keeping up all the time I know I can find it all online and work at my own pace. It has really been a blessing to learn new stitches. Thanks so much for all you do. Peace and Blessings

  23. This has been my first year with TAST and I really appreciate all the work you have put into this challenge. I would love to continue as I have gotten soooooo much out of it.

  24. http://stitchinfingers.ning.com/profile/JeanneMarieMellor
    Of course, Sharon, a definite YES to TAST 2013 and new stitches! If it were not for the TAST format I would not explore so many hand embroidery stitches the way I am since discovering TAST. But I must confess, I’m finding it frustrating to keep up. Maybe I have given myself too much of a challenge, making a 9×9″ sampler page for each stitch, ‘pushing’ the stitch as much as I can in a week–a 7 day week. I have to stay away from Highlights of the Week, leaderboards and other stitchers finishing within 2 or 3 days, so that I can work the stitch in peace without the pressure of finishing within a few days. I really am Loving this TAST you have created, Sharon!! I would love if there were maybe 3 new stitches in a month, and the 4th week for review and catch up. Any which way you coose, Sharon, I’m in! And I’m very Grateful to you for creating TAST! Thank You!!!

  25. I would love to see TAST continue next year as I have learnt so many new stitches. Thankyou Sharon for sharing your Knowlege and the great easy to follow instructions.

    Doreen Parker
  26. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for your hard work getting all these stitches to us. I eagerly await Tuesdays to see the new stitch. Life has been very challenging this year but I have kept up pretty well just have not posted my finished stitches. I would love to continue into the New Year.

  27. Hi Sharon,
    I visit TAST every week and am impressed with all the talented stitchers out there. Please continue sharing this wonderful information for people like me who are just learning the various stitches and for those who are already accomplished. I love seeing all the projects you share which use the stitches. So inspiring!

    Barbara Graham
  28. Sharon,

    I would also love to continue with TAST. I knew it would be hard for me to keep up and so I set myself the small goal of at least trying each stitch on a mini-sampler. Sometimes that has only been two or three inches of any given stitch, but I have done every stitch. Since I’m working on this small scale, I like the rhythm of every week. I’ve been remiss in posting and photographing but I am hanging in there.

    Also want to say thank you so much for your organizing and teaching. Even beyond that–you have created a world-wide community and this whole experience has added richness to my life. Thank you Sharon and fellow stitchers!

    Beth B
    1. No Carol you are not doing anything wrong – lots of stitches look boring in cotton floss. Floss is good for cross stitch and the craft market industry caters well to that but lots of the surface embroidery stitches look better in perle

  29. Hi Sharon,
    I have really enjoyed TAST 2012 and learned a lot. I do not always get the time to experiment too much with the stitches but I do manage a line or two on my sampler. I love to see the creative work of some of your other followers and look forward to seeing the way others have used each stitch. I cannot imagine Tuesdays without TAST and I hope you will continue as long as you are enjoying it too! Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into the challenge for us..
    Kind regards Kate

    Kate Cooke
  30. Sharon,
    I may not do every week’s stitches, but I use the information all the time with other work. Your samples and the pieces you share from others give so many ideas of how a stitch can be used. I find it most valuable and would love to see it continue, being able to explore more stitches I’ve either not seen and probably never done. Thank you for keeping up with it.

  31. As someone who reads the blog but doesn’t do the challenge, I would love if it would continue! I haven’t been able to jump in and stitch yet due to hand issues and negative time, but absolutely love the eye candy and hope to start after the holidays, skipping around the stitches as I can. Your work is wonderful, thank you for making it available to us.

    Kathy O in GA
  32. Oh Sharon PLEASE continue next year. I may not have stitched each week but I made a beautiful Samples Notebook that I use for CQ blocks. I’m VERY much a visual learner and flip though the challenge stitches and highlights for ideas for shape, texture and color. Thank you for teaching this conservative beginner gal to think outside the box.

    Caroline Weber
  33. Sharon, I am willing to continue if you are. At present, I am behind, but WILL catch up…have learned so much this year! I have been using the stitches on both my CQJP and on a sampler of minature stitch blocks…could use a lot more on my sampler!

  34. Hi Sharon,
    I am really sorry to have stopped my sampler for TAST, but my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which had been on the mend, came back earlier this year, and with work & etc I had no other choice but to drop it… But I still look at your blog and at the work of fellow stitchers. I’ll be moving to a sunnier place shortly, and hopefully the climate and less stressful life will allow me at least to finish TAST 2012, and maybe even join TAST 2013 at some point. Excellent idea, thank you very much!

  35. Hi Sharon, yes please with rest breaks. This year I took on far too many challenges and lessons so have not been keeping up with posting my work. I have learned so, so much thank you for this unique opportunity. I look forward to more in 2013.

  36. I would love to go on with Tast. I love the idea of learning something new . I may never use some of the stitches , but the knowledge is there if I want to. Thanks for all you do for us. It must be very tiring for you , but I’m sure glad for what i learn. Thanks , Eileene aka Noiseynana

  37. Hi Sharon, had to drop out for a couple of weeks, due to
    ill health (Diabetes ) playing up ! I would love to continue in 2013 ! When I miss a week, do I have to catch up or can I just continue with the current stitch ???
    Thank you so much Sharon…….I dearly love Tast !!!!!!
    Chris richards

    1. It’s up to you Chris if you play catch up or not – my philosophy is that the process of learning and quality of the experience that is important not just meeting required number of stitches by a certain date. I think its all a bit pointless if deadlines etc take away from creative experimentation and learning something new. To me the challenge is that to learn not meet a particular number of stitches. I never was a bean counter … But its up to you. Join in on the current week or not – what ever fits your personality.

  38. As I just joined in a few weeks ago, I would love to have the challenge continued next year. It’s such a fascinating learning experience and I just want more 🙂
    Thank you a lot Sharon

    Emma G.
  39. I’d love TAST to continue, I do skip weeks if I’ve either done that stitch in a SAL (I do a lot of speciality stitch sals) or I can’t think of anything to stitch with it but later I catch up, usually a few weeks at a time. I’ve found quite a few new stitches that I adore and am using in lots of different ways now. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn this way and the hard work you put in. x

  40. I’m so horribly behind that I despair of ever really catching up!! However…
    My vote is for concluding this challenge and re-starting a new one in January. It could still be a TAST style thing, but just with a new start so that those who’ve got behind/dropped out can have a clean slate and those who were too late to sign up in time for this year also have a chance to join in formally. A new year is a good time to start afresh with a number of things, so rather than make it that each challenge has 52 elements (and it really doesn’t matter if it has a few less, I feel), I vote strongly in favour of a new start in the new year.
    Thanks for all your hard work. Given that it *is* you who does all the work, I also think that you ought to be the one who calls the shots, so you go along with how you feel about it! If you tire of it, then move on. No-one wants you to feel that it’s become a burden and a nuisance!

  41. I started TAST quite late on (week 39 I think), but I have loved it! Embroidery is something I’ve been interested in for a long time but never really took beyond the book-reading stage until now. TAST has really helped to develop my creativity and I love to see what others create. So a hearty YES from me. Thanks for taking the time to organise it.

  42. thank you sharon for introducing TAST among embroidery lovers..i too wish to continue TAST with new stitches..many stitches were there in TAST 2012 which i have never seen before..it will be a golden oppurtunity to learn stitches,share ideas and get encouragements from many other participants in the world..apart from this as a homemaker,its an interesting hobby for many like me…long live TAST!

  43. yes please do continue.
    I visit the blog but don’t do the challenge, but I really would like to so I am thinking of ways I could do it next year anyhow.
    A new start for 2013 will encourage me!!!
    Thank you for all this hard work.

  44. Dear Sharon, I can’t imagine how life would now be without Tast and without all the wonderful contributions of the stitchin fingers’ ladies and man (ha). It is a wonderful treat if you go on – but I vote for a short (1 month) break for you and us – something like summer holidays or winter vacation depending on where we are living. This “private” challenge acts for me like a band between Australia and Germany widening my horizon in many aspects also because personal contacts have developped and are heartwarming – personal contacts also to European neighbour countries. And to you I can’t but say “Thank you, thank you” for all you are doing for us in this inspiring community.

    1. Yes I would have break over Christmas and a little into the new year as its summer here and Jerry has taken a months leave and our daughter and her partner are coming home for the season. So there definitely would be a break.

  45. I would continue with TAST if you waited until the end of January to start. I still had holiday company when you started this year so was behind from the start. I also like the idea of a new stitch every other week as the new stitches will be more complicated and I wouldn’t feel so rushed to learn the stitches and complete them. Thanks, Sharon. LisaB

  46. Even if I don’t get my stitches done in the “right” time sometimes I’d really enjoy TAST continued. There’s so much joy in learning new things and fiddling out how to use them and looking at those samplers others have been inspired to. Yes, I’d love more of TAST 🙂 and thank you for all this energy you put into it!!

    Brigitte Otto
  47. Oh yes, Sharon, would be great to continue learning new and more complex stitches. A break would be fine. I have learnt so much this year and I would like to have time for repeating the new stitches.
    Again and again I just can say thank you, Sharon, for all you do for the stitching community. I’m looking forward to learn more stitches, see what others do and share my attempts.

  48. Hi Sharon
    I would love the stitches to continue. I know I have not kept up just lately but now have the time to do so. I have really enjoyed the different stitches so far. I started at the beginning of the year with just knowing the very basic stitches that I learnt as a child. I have learnt so much and am looking forward to more complex stitches so that I can explore and make more interesting pieces of work.
    Thank you so much for all of the work that you have done so far. Every Tuesday it is like waiting for the postman to call with another gem for me to see and explore.

  49. YES,YES, I certainly want TAST 2013. When I joined TAST 2012 on its 23rd week I never knew that there were so many stitches in embroidery. (I was doing with only the basic stitches like stem,satin,back,french knot and lazy daisy.) A big thank to you Sharon for giving the opportunity to learn so much stitches and I really appreciate. Looking forward for TAST each year ahead.

  50. Please do continue in 2013. A couple weeks break would be a great idea and maybe a catch up week every month or two? Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this each week! 🙂

  51. Sharon I like TAST very much and will continue one more year. Have made a little book where I collected all the stitches. You make a marvelous job, thank you.

    Ingalill Jigborg
  52. I would love to see TAST continue, even though I haven’t actually taken part this year, though I have kept a list of the stitches, and hopefully soon I will start!!! Continuing next year I just may be able to catch up ggg
    I also love to see what people do with the stitches, I think that is the most fun part.

    Judy Sheppard
  53. Hi Sharon, firstly we all appreciate the hard work it takes for you to bring this to us. I was glad to see this stitch since I am cheating and putting more than one stitch the buttonhole cup stitch has come at the right time to use thanks heaps.

  54. I am looking forward for TAST 2013. I was not regular due to other personal commitments in TAST 2012. However, I have learned many new stitches in 2012. Thank You Sharon. A few weeks of break should help me catch up with all the stitches I missed in 2012..

  55. Although life has gotten in the way for me to keep up, I do hope you will continue this next year, 2013. I love learning these stitches. Thank you so much for doing this.

    Jane Thomas
  56. I have so enjoyed doing the TAST. I’ve learned so much, Sharon. Thank you. Continuing depends, will you be starting from the beginning again for 2013 with the simple stitches, or will you be continuing with all these new stitches that we are seeing now? I prefer the latter. I like what Kathy said about calling it TAST 2013. I think I would finish off my current sampler and use a different method for my sampler next year. Also, I’m all for any breaks or weeks of rest, anytime, LOL! I like to keep up, so extra time is always welcome.

  57. I’ve been enjoying TAST 2012–my first time doing TAST, and I would like it to continue, although I may ‘swing in and out’ from time to time. Guess that would make me a stitch swinger? ..lol..

  58. I’m going to wrap TAST up by the end of the year. I plan to use what I have learned this year on a large CQ project in 2013. I’ll probably need a full year to practice everything thoroughly before adding more to my stitch stash.

    I appreciate your hard work, Sharon! You are a gem.

  59. I must say this year has been a fantastic learning experience. I had no idea there were so many stitches. I have been looking forward to finishing up as well, as Kathy said. If you continue I may follow along, but wonder if a bi-weekly might be a possibility? Or even a monthly? Just a thought.

  60. i think with a few weeks rest after the holidays i might be able to continue with TAST . . . it’s been a good thing to be involved with this group. i love seeing what others do with the stitches as well as practicing and seeing what i can do with them.

    a big THANK YOU to you, Sharon, for sharing your knowledge so generously and hosting the TAST project.


    1. Yes I agree a couple of weeks rest – I need it too. I think during the year a few more breaks would be useful for everyone and practical . Even the odd review week (ie work again any stitch you want explore more of are a bit unsure of type thing )

  61. Yes please, more. I have enjoyed doing this current one it as have a few mmbers of my classes.
    The book I produced was enjoyed at our recent exhibition and I was surprised at how many of our visitors knew about both Pintangle and TAST, both of which were acknowledged fully on the title page. Thank you for your hard, regular and dedicated work!

  62. I have enjoyed learning new stitches but I also have been looking forward to the end. I like completing things. If you continue will you call it TAST 2013? That way when I don’t continue, I will have completed TAST 2012.

    1. Kathy you made me smile. I think of TAST as that and the year just a category, but you can declare TAST 2012 done at the end of year or when ever you choose. It’s up to you as TAST is always a personal challenge and what you learn along the way that is the achievement.

  63. As much as some of the stitches sometimes frustrate me, I’m really learning something with this challenge and would not mind at all if it continued on… (If that sounds wishy washy, it’s because I over-enrolled in challenges this year and am somewhat burning out on them, but most end in December and I’ll have more time to participate and hopefully more imagination to work with!).

  64. I’d like to continue please Sharon. The more Tast I do, the more organized my stitch sample collection becomes.
    Earlier I did not label some so have forgotten how to do them or can’t remember what they are called.
    I just enjoyed the learning of each.
    I wonder how many members have seen your Stitch Dictionary page and ‘Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments’ in the sidebar. Plenty of ideas there to use some of the TAST stitches.

  65. Hello Sharon,
    I would be very grateful if we could continue with TAST next year, it’s been fascinating and I’ve learned beautiful new stitches that have all kinds of applications. Thank you. Kind Regards Mandy Currie (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)

    Mandy Currie
  66. Sharon,
    TAST is my most favorite and inspiring of all of the challenges that I have done. I get behind at times, but I seem to eventually catch up. It is such a great way to review and learn new stitches. I say yes to continuing it in 2013!
    Thanks a bunch.

  67. Hi Sharon
    I’m struggling to keep up with the TAST challenge, but I know I will have catch-up time over the festive season, so am not unduly worried. I like the opportunity to learn increasingly difficult stitches and am building up my own sampler with all I’ve done so far. I’d vote to go ahead into next year. Cheers, Carole A in the UK

    Carole Auden

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