Tutorial on how to work Knotted Buttonhole stitch

Tutorial on how to work Knotted Buttonhole stitch

sample of hand embroidered knotted buttonhole stitch I found  Knotted Buttonhole stitch in Marion Nichols in her book Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches. There are a number of different varieties of buttonhole that is knotted, some are knotted on the base line others knotted at the top with a combination of pistil and buttonhole stitch. But that is not what we are looking at this week. This variety is knotted at the base of the buttonhole.

Once you get into a rhythm this stitch is simple and quick to work and produces some great twiggy like stitches that look great as foliage in flower sprays.

Also since this stitch is a member of the buttonhole family you can work it easily on a curve, in a circle or create great variety by changing the upright lengths.

How to work Knotted Buttonhole Stitch

This stitch is worked from left to right over two imaginary lines.

knotted buttonhole stitch step 1

Bring the thread out on the lower line, insert the needle in position in the upper line making a straight downward motion and then loop the thread under the needle point as you would buttonhole stitch.

knotted buttonhole stitch step 2Pull the needle through the fabric to form a loop and repeat this process. In other words make two buttonhole stitches with the second buttonhole stitch fairly close to the first

knotted buttonhole stitch step 3Next from the left point the needle right and pass the needle under the stitches you just made, but not through the fabric. Make sure the thread passes under the needle as illustrated.

knotted buttonhole stitch step 4

Pull the needle through to make a loop. Pull until snug but not too tight.

knotted buttonhole stitch step 5Continue in this manner along the line.

knotted buttonhole stitch step 6It is an interesting stitch that you can work in a variety of traditional ways or can be layered to create heavy texture.

I hope you enjoy the stitch!

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  1. Here is the short link to my post about this stitch. http://wp.me/p1GXVK-iu

    My work is very simple this week as I sustained a very severe injury Wednesday night. I’m not getting around very much, but didn’t want to just disappear without a word. I’m only out of bed for about 1.5 hours at a time a couple times a day at most.

    But “Ah’ll be bahck!”

    1. Well done Elizabeth. I am also behind and have a new strategy. I do the present week’s stitch and then some catch up stitches as well. Feeling much better with myself, rather then just working weeks behind 🙂 In fact I am feeling a tiny bit virtuous!!

      Rosemary Tweedie
  2. Hi Sharon,
    Interesting comments, Firstly I have been receiving the Tast stitch either late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I tried unsubbing and re joining to no avail. I now see you are having Feedburner problems so that is most like the reason.
    Seeing Annet’s comment and yours to Jeanne-Marie I searched again for the Knotted Buttonhole in my Tast 1.
    Found it at last. I could not find the Knotted B’hole in the Stitch Dictionary though and have forgotten the original method.
    I like the stitch.

    1. Jeanne-Marie – no it does not look up and down buttonhole stitch. If you compare the two one has a knot at the base and the other a straight stitch – you can do different things with it as a result.


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