Raised Chain Stitch Version 2

Raised Chain Stitch Version 2

There are two varieties of Raised Chain stitch you can find a tutorial for the other version here.  Raised Chain Version 2 creates a raised flat surface that looks like knitting!

I found this version of Raised chain stitch in the A-Z of Embroidery Stitches Volume 2

How to work Raised Chain stitch version 2

Raised Chain Stitch version 2 step 1First work a ladder of straight stitches as a foundation.

Raised Chain Stitch version 2 step 1TIP: When working the second part of this stitch, use a blunt tapestry needle to avoid splitting the foundation stitches.
To start off, slide your needle under two foundations stitches.

With the working thread wrapped under the needle, pull your needle through to form a chain stitch. You are not going through the fabric but looping the thread around the foundation stitches.
Raised Chain Stitch version 2 step 2Continue forming these chained stitches down the ladder until you reach the end of the row.
Raised Chain V2 step 4When you have the first row done, fasten off the last stitch with a small vertical stitch and take your thread to the back, tie off.

Raised Chain Stitch version 2 step 5Restart at the top of the ladder and work row upon row until the foundation ladder is packed.
Raised Chain Stitch version 2 step 6As you can see, this stitch looks very effective in a hand-dyed multicoloured thread. I hope you enjoy Raised Chain Stitch version 2!

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  1. Good morning, I clicked on the book title “A-Z …..v2 and it is listed as having various authors. I wanted to also buy volume 1 but there 4 books, some by Sue Gardner. Which one is a good companion to v2.


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