Whipped Barred chain stitch

Whipped Barred chain stitch

Whipped Barred chain stitch is an interesting variety of Chain stitch. The whipping forms a firm central line to the stitch. Just like chain stitch, whipped Barred chain stitch is a linear stitch that will follow curves well, is easily worked on many types of fabrics, and is suitable for a large variety of threads.

I have illustrated it here, with a contrasting thread, so that you can see how to form the stitch, but you can work it in the same thread. If you work this stitch on the curve, it looks very organic and makes great twiggy bits in floral sprays etc. Use this stitch for freeform stitching, and it combines easily with beads.

How to work Whipped Barred Chain Stitch

Whipped Barred Chain Stitch step 1
Commence by working a line of Barred Chain stitch.  If you need a tutorial on how to work Barred Chain stitch, you will find it here.

Whipped Barred Chain Stitch step 2You can whip this stitch from left to right or top to bottom. Work it in the direction that feels most comfortable. Bring the whipping thread out next to the base of the first chain stitch. Pass your needle under the first chain stitch taking care not to pick up any fabric as you do this. Pull the needle through.

Whipped Barred Chain Stitch step 3Take the needle over the top, pass the needle under the next barred chain stitch, and pull the thread under the stitch. You pass the needle under the stitch, not the fabric.

Whipped Barred Chain Stitch step 4Continue along the line.

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