Scroll Stitch Step by Step Tutorial

At first glance Scroll Stitch does not look too exciting but it is one of those stitches where using different threads creates all sorts of interesting effects from a braid like stitch to a line of spaced knots.

Scroll stitch sampleYou can work it on a tight curve and looks good when used to define a disk. As you can see in the sample above I worked a series of scallops along a seam on a crazy quilt block.

Scroll stitch can be worked back to back to produce a heavy line or even lines stacked one against the other. This is particularly successful if you use a variegated or hand dyed thread because it can produce interesting texture and appearance as the colour shifts.

Scroll stitch is also known as single knotted line stitch.

How to hand embroider Scroll Stitch

Scroll stitch instructions step 1Work scroll stitch from left to right along the line.

Bring your needle out of the fabric on the left, move along the line slightly and insert your needle on the line in a diagonal position pointing left taking a small bit of the fabric.

Scroll stitch instructions step 2With the thread wrapped behind and under the needle, pull through the fabric. As you work along the line do not pull the loop too tightly.

Scroll stitch instructions step 3This sample was worked using perle # 5 cotton however experiment with threads as this stitch looks good worked in thicker threads or even a fine ribbon.

Novelty threads often work well with this stitch so do experiment a bit.


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