How to Hand Embroider Berry stitch

How to Hand Embroider Berry stitch

Berry stitch but is also known as double lazy daisy stitch or double detached chain stitch. It can be worked on any type of fabric and is easy stitch to do and learn.

hand embroidered Berry stitch step 1How to work Berry Stitch

Start by working a single detached chain stitch.

You can work it as an isolated stitch, in patterns or substitute it in places where you might want a fatter detached chain stitch. It can be worked close together in a line, or massed.

how to hand embroider Berry stitch step 2Since this stitch is made up of two detached chain stitches you need to know how to work detached chain.

A twisted thread, such as pearl or soft cotton, is ideal as it will help hold the shape.

Insert the needle back just above the top of the first chain stitch.

Take the needle through the fabric behind the first chain stitch bringing the point of the needle out a short space below.

With the thread wrapped under the needle point pull the needle through the fabric to make the second chain stitch.

The completed stitch looks like a fat chain stitch.

berry stitch tutorial You can use it as you would detached chain making flower shapes.

As your pattern dictates you can increase or decrease the number of petals in the flower.

You can also work this stitch in two steps the first round of chain stitches being in one weight of thread and the second being in a heavier or slightly textured thread.

berry stitch flower of 4 petalsAnother way of working is to work the first round of detached chain in one colour and the second detached chain in another.

For another variety ou can also substitute the first chain stitch with an oyster stitch to produce some really interesting results as the middle is more textured.

silk ribbon hand embroidery berry stitch flower

Berry stitch worked in two steps in silk ribbon can also be very effective when you change the colour of the thread.

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