Woven Trellis Stitch

Woven Trellis Stitch

Trellis stitch sampleWoven trellis stitch is a fun woven stitch. And since it adds texture to a piece, it can make for an unexpected element that can really lift a piece and add appeal. With a bead added to the middle, it can look like flowers. Woven Trellis Stitch is also very effective if you use a hand-dyed variegated yarn. If you want a contemporary feel, try working this stitch off the grid.

How to hand embroider Woven Trellis Stitch

Woven trellis stitch 1

With woven trellis, you work a group of foundation stitches onto which you weave. Use a blunt tapestry needle so that as you weave the threads you do not split them by accident.

Start by working 12 straight stitches clustered in groups of 3 arranged radiating from the middle of a circle as illustrated above.

Woven trellis stitch 2Bring the working thread up through the fabric at the middle. Using a blunt tapestry needle, begin weaving by sliding the needle from one side to the other, picking up the two outer threads skipping the middle thread. Pull the thread through firmly but not too tight.

Woven trellis stitch 3Turn the needle and continue weaving by sliding the needle from one side to the other, picking the middle thread. Pull your thread through. Then continue in this back and forth motion until you have woven the length of the foundation stitches.  As you weave use the needle to pack the petal so that it is firm.

Woven trellis stitch 4Continue weaving until it is packed firmly to the base.

Woven trellis stitch 5Take the thread to the back and bring the needle out at the centre of the motif ready to work the next set of foundation stitches. Work until you have woven each section, and take the thread to the back and secure it with two small back stitches.

Woven trellis stitch 6 This is a fun stitch that looks great if you use hand-dyed or variegated threads. And for extra zest, add a bead in the middle. I hope you enjoy Woven Trellis Stitch.

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Enjoy your stitching!


  1. Sharon – I really love this woven trellis stitch. I have just got some lovely hand dyed stranded cotton from Stef Francis and have to make a birthday card – perfect. Thank you so much.

    Andy LW

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