How to embroider Beaded Buttonhole stitch

How to embroider Beaded Buttonhole stitch

Beaded buttonhole is fun version of regular buttonhole – and there are lots of varieties to explore with this too. It is advisable that you know how to work regular buttonhole stitch before embarking on this variety.

Beaded buttonhole variety 2With this stitch the beading is done during the stitching process not added afterward. The trick is use a size 26 tapestry needle. Since the eye of a tapestry needle is long you can thread perle #8 and Perle #5 through the long eye. However the needle itself is thin which means you can add a bead to your working thread as you stitch.

The samples have been worked using perle # 5 thread

How to hand embroider Beaded Buttonhole stitch

Beaded buttonhole step 1Beaded buttonhole stitch is worked from left to right. Bring the thread out on the lower line and work a regular buttonhole stitch.

Next thread 3-4 seed beads or a bugal bead on your working thread.

Insert the needle on the upper line making a straight downward motion. Loop the working thread under the needle point, keeping the beads to the right of the needle as illustrated.

Pull the needle through the fabric to form a loop.

Beaded buttonhole step 2Next work a regular buttonhole and repeat this pattern of beading every second arm along the line.

Beaded buttonhole step 3Beaded buttonhole step 4With this stitch you can change where and when you thread a bead in order to create different patterns and it can be worked on the edge of a seam or item.

Beaded buttonhole variety 1

I hope you enjoy experimenting with this stitch!


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