Beaded Eastern Stitch Tutorial

Beaded Eastern Stitch Tutorial

Beaded Eastern Stitch is a variety of Eastern Stitch. It is not difficult to do as you simply add a bead to loop made between the two bars. Since the stitch sits within a square it is particularly suitable on any grid like pattern. It is just a case of looking at it and arranging units of the stitch in interesting ways.

How to work Beaded Eastern Stitch

To work Beaded Eastern Stitch use a size 26 tapestry needle. Since the eye of a tapestry needle is long you can thread perle #8 and Perle #5 through the long eye. However the needle itself is thin which means you can add a bead to your working thread as you stitch. The Beading is not done afterwards but during the stitching process. This tip is key to success with this type of beaded embroidery.

You need to know the standard eastern stitch to be able to understand how this beaded version works. If you need a reminder see the tutorial for Eastern stitch

Beaded Eastern Stitch 1Work this stitch from left to right. When working this stitch it needs to kept at a fairly loose tension. Make a vertical straight stitch at the left side of an imaginary square.

Beaded Eastern Stitch 2Make a horizontal straight stitch at the top of an imaginary square.
These two stitches are the foundation bars of each unit of eastern stitch.Taking the needle diagonally across the back of the fabric, bring the thread up to the front the fabric, in the bottom right-hand corner as illustrated.

Beaded Eastern Stitch 3Take the needle over the top and then slide it under the vertical stitch. When you slide the needle under the bar make sure it points towards the bottom of the square. Pull the needle through so that  it forms a loop over the vertical bar stitch as illustrated. You are not going through the fabric but lacing the bar.
Thread on a bead then move to the horizontal bar and slide the needle under the horizontal stitch.

Beaded Eastern Stitch 4Make sure the thread is kept to the right of the needle so that when you pull it through it forms a loop over the horizontal stitch as illustrated
Take the thread through the fabric at the bottom right-hand corner.

Beaded Eastern Stitch 5Bringing the needle out at the top left corner of the next stitch and repeat the process along a line or to fill an area.

You can work along a line or a curve or as individual units to create patterns.

Beaded Eastern Stitch 6

I hope you enjoy experimenting with this variety of Eastern Stitch.

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  1. 100 TAST stitches, congrats! The beaded eastern stitch is lovely, I’m sure I’ll enjoy stitching it this week.

    If I’m right, I stitched 99 of the 100 TAST stitches. I have photo albums on my Flickr page for TAST 2007:
    TAST 2010:
    TAST 2012:
    TAST 2013:
    and TAST 2014:
    I also write about my TAST experiments on my blog with the label TAST:
    I wrote my very first post about TAST in January 2008 (only in Dutch, nobody was reading it at the time!):

    1. Your work is so very very beautiful! My total admiration.

      Is it possible to receive your blog daily via email, as it is Sharon’s? If so, please add me to that list.

      So much inspiration and motivation!

      Thank you,
      Anna Brown

      Anna Brown
      1. Anna you need to subscribe yourself and approve the subscription – it is to prevent people simply adding you to their list and spamming you. the subscription button is in the blog side bar


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