Knotted Feather Stitch

Knotted Feather Stitch

Knotted Feather Stitch is another versatile variation of feather stitch. If you have not worked Feather stitch before or a bit unsure you might want to refresh your memory on a fabric scrap using the tutorial on feather stitch .

I have seen this stitch referred to a thorn stitch (there are about 5 different stitches referred to as thorn stitch) and knotted chained feather. I found it listed in Edith John’s Creative stitches as Knotted Feather. Since this name made sense to me that is what I call it.

How to work Knotted Feather Stitch

Work this stitch from top to bottom. For beginners it is useful to imagine 4 parallel lines when working this stitch. You may find it useful to mark the fabric with guide-lines using a water dissolvable marker or fade out fabric marker otherwise practice the stitch on Aida cloth.

Knotted feather stitch step 1Bring the needle out at the top of the line to be worked and hold the thread down with the left thumb.

Insert the needle a little to the right on the same level and make a small stitch in a downward motion so that the needle point appears on the centre line, keeping the thread under the needle point pull the thread through the fabric to make the stitch.

Knotted feather stitch step 2Pass the needle under the thread, at the right side of the V shape. Do not pick up any fabric.

Wrap the thread under the needle point as you would if working a chain stitch.

Pull the needle under the foundation thread so that you are working a small chain stitch on the bar.

Knotted feather stitch step 3Next insert the needle to the right on the same level as the chain stitch you just made. Do this as you would with feather stitch.

Make a small V stitch so that the needle point comes out at the base on the centre line. Keeping the thread wrapped under the needle point, pull the thread through the fabric to make the stitch.

Pass the needle under the thread of the right side of the V shape. Do not pick up any fabric.

Knotted feather stitch step 4Wrap the thread under the needle point

Pull the needle under the foundation thread.

Knotted feather stitchSwing to the left and continue to work these movements alternatively.

The spacing between the arms and spine length can create ornate patterns and effects.

This stitch it is very effective worked in a  thread with firm twist such as DMC perle #5 or #8. To work this sample I used a hand dyed perle #5  multicolour thread.

A more decorative line can be created with the use of beads, or you can add an extra detached chain between the arms or at the top of each spine.

I think it is a variety that many crazy quilters will like as it is a quick stitch to work but a little bit different. Below is an example of Kotted Feather stitch used in crazy quilting. The thread is a hand dyed  perle #5 cotton. I added bugle beads after working the stitch.

Knotted feather stitch used in crazy quilting

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  1. Thanks for posting this wonderful new stitch again today in the middle of your heavy schedule Sharon.Have a safe and a blessed trip .May the Lord’s blessings be with you all along! ! Ash*

    Ash Zee
  2. I was very happy to see this start again, I have been planning on joining in for a while now but never got round to it so decided I’d start this year when you returned with the stitches 🙂

    I haven’t done much but I’m planning on somehow making a picture using all the stitches we get this year, so want to keep some space for the rest 🙂

    This weeks stitch I included in my IHSW report post: IHSW, TAST, and more

    1. Hanna you need to select what ever stitches you choose. Peopel choose to work a number of stitches in the year ie 10 or 20 or all its up to you how many and which ones.It means really busy peopel can join in too. Read the FAQ as it explains it better.

  3. Hi Sharon and everybody. A happy new year. I completed my little stitches’book with TAST 2012. Here is my last page with 51st week stitch http://j-en-revais.blogspot.com/2012/12/tast-51-52.html, there a look on all the pages http://j-en-revais.blogspot.com/2013/01/tast-2012-complet.html and if you want to have a look on the book, you can see it here http://j-en-revais.blogspot.com/2013/01/jardin-de-grand-mere.html.
    During 2013, I’ll try to crazy quilt and I could probably use some of the new stitches you have in your magic box.

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