Inverted Feather Stitch

Inverted Feather Stitch

Inverted feather stitch

This stitch is called Inverted feather stitch but it is very unlike a feather stitch. I found this stitch in an old fashioned stitch book by Anne Butler called Embroidery Stitches.

You can build up this stitch, line upon line to create pattern fills. It is also good to couch down ribbon and thicker threads. The stitch looks good worked in a thread that has a firm twist to it such as cotton perle. For the sample, I used cotton perle #5. If you use thicker threads, it makes a wonderful braid-like edge which is good for projects such as the edge of fabric postcards, artist trading cards, or you can use it on the edge of things like needle books, fabric book pages etc.

The stitch follows a curve well and if you work it in an open manner, it can be combined with beads.

How to work Inverted feather stitch

This stitch is worked best between two parallel lines from top to bottom.

Inverted feather stitch

Bring your needle out on the right-hand side of the line. Take the needle across to the left-hand side, of the line and insert it as illustrated.


With the needle pointed straight down and emerging on the left line, have the thread wrapped under the needle and then pull the needle through the fabric to make a V-like stitch with the straight edge sitting on the left-hand side of your line.


Move to the right-hand side of the stitch pass the needle under the right-hand side crossbar of the V.

Do not go through the fabric, just pass the needle under the crossbar. Pull most of the thread through, but not all — leave a bit of thread loose so that you can work the next part of the stitch with ease.


Insert the needle at the top left-hand side and angling the needle diagonally across the back of your work, have the needle emerge on the right-hand side and wrap the thread under the needle and pull the needle through.


You have made the first part of Inverted Feather stitch. inverted-feather-step-6

Continue in this way down the line inverted-feather-step-7

I hope you enjoy the stitch.

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