Chained Wheatear Stitch

Chained Wheatear Stitch

Chained Wheatear is similar to Wheatear stitch except it has an extra Chain stitch making for a thicker textured line. Like Wheatear this variety holds a curve well and can be very effective if you add beads down the central line.

How to work Chained Wheatear Stitch

Work Chained Wheatear in a downward motion. Commence with two straight stitches worked in a V shape. Make sure the base of each stitch meet.

Chained Wheatear step 1Form a single Wheatear stitch. If you need your memory jogged as to how Wheatear stitch is formed here is a tutorial. To summarise the steps, bring your thread out a little below the base of the V. Pass your needle under the two straight stitches at the base of the V. Pull your needle through and take it to the back of the fabric so that the thread loops in a single chain.

Chained Wheatear step 2The next step is what creates the chained part of the Wheatear. Bring your needle out at the base of the chain literally a thread or so below the chain stitch.

Chained Wheatear step 3Pass your needle under the two straight stitches to form a second chain stitch.

Chained Wheatear step 4Take your needle back into the fabric at the point where it emerged so that is forms a second chain.

Chained Wheatear step 5Create another V using two straight stitches. As you do this make sure the base of the V emerges from the same point as the base of the chain stitch.

Chained Wheatear step 6Once again pass your needle under the two diagonal stitches to make another wheatear stitch.

Chained Wheatear step 7Bring your needle out close to the base of the wheatear stitch and taking the needle under the two two bars of the V stitch create another loop of the chain.

Chained Wheatear Continue in this manner down the line.

This stitch can also be varied in different ways. For instance the length of the diagonal straight stitches can be varied. With Chained Wheatear Stitch many types of embroidery thread can be used to great effect. You can also work with single units arranged in patterns. Chained Wheatear lends itself to beading and looks great if you tuck a seed bead into the chains.

Chained Wheatear with beadsChained Wheatear is a versatile stitch. I hope you enjoy exploring what you can do with it!

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