Battlement Stitch

Battlement Stitch

Battlement Stitch is a stitch that is made up of multiple lines of Buttonhole stitch that overlap to form a deep border or act as a fill. When worked in a traditional manner the line along the top of the stitches forms a crenellated edge like the top of a wall that has battlements. Hence the name! Usually you have 3 or more lines of Buttonhole to have it qualify as Battlement Stitch. However just as you can vary height and spacing regular buttonhole stitch, you can create many interesting patterns by varying the height and spacing of the stitches on the first row of Battlement Stitch. If you change the stitch, working in a non-traditional freeform manner you can experiment with different coloured and different thickness of thread. Not only is it fun but it can create interesting area in your embroidery.

How to work Battlement Stitch

Battlement Stitch tutorial step 1

Work a line of Buttonhole stitches. If you need a refresher on how to work Buttonhole there is a tutorial here.

Battlement Stitch tutorial step 2

For the second journey start with your needle emerging just below the first row base line. Insert your needle, stepped down and to the right on the upper line, as illustrated.

Battlement Stitch tutorial step 3

Work the second journey offset, as illustrated.

Battlement Stitch tutorial step 4

Add another row of stitches that are also offset to the right as illustrated. Add a forth journey and as many lines after as you wish.

I hope you enjoy this member of the buttonhole family and find Battlement Stitch fun!

Thread Twisties!

Experimenting with different threads can be expensive. You would normally have to buy a whole skein of each type of thread. My thread twisties are a combination of different threads to use in creative hand embroidery. These enable you to try out stitching with something other than stranded cotton. For the price of just a few skeins, you can experiment with a bundle of threads of luscious colours and many different textures.

These are creative embroiders threads. With them, I hope to encourage you to experiment. Each Twistie is a thread bundle containing silk, cotton, rayon and wool. Threads range from extra fine (the same thickness as 1 strand of embroidery floss) to chunky couchable textured yarns. All threads have a soft and manageable drape. Twisting them around a needle makes experimental hand embroidery an interesting journey rather than a battle.  Many are hand dyed by me. All are threads I use. You may find a similar thread twist but no two are identical.

You will find my thread twisties in the Pintangle shop here.

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