My online classes are about to start

My online classes are about to start

I have been pretty busy lately as I have been polishing off lesson notes for my online classes. The Encrusted Crazy Quilting starts today or I should say the 18th in the States. Remember because I am in OZ the date ticks over earlier. I’m really looking forward to the forum as last time this class was run there was a heck of a lot of class chat. It was a huge amount of pure fun. At the time I did not think I would have the same buzz from teaching online as I do face to face how wrong I was! I enjoyed every minute of it.

The other class Develop a Personal Library of Stitches with Sharon Boggon starts on the November 2nd. This class has shaped itself into quite a workshop the lessons are as large as the crazy quilting class so it has been quite a bit of work to write them up. I have included some interesting stitches and now they are written I am looking forward to seeing what people do with this class.


  1. Leanne I contacted Barb about the supply list and she said the list goes out roughly a week to 10 days before class begins. Barb ships all orders immediately and Barb assures me that students
    receive their order in plenty of time.

  2. i want SO BADLY to take your classes now, but too busy – (I did just make my first crazy quilt project- will send a photo). When will you offer these classes again, Sharon, my favorite blog???

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