When I grow up I want to be able to design like this.

When I grow up I want to be able to design like this.

For morning inspiration I have been poking about the The New York Public Library Digital Gallery and typed in textile into their search box. Some lovely eye candy  came up. So if you are feeling a little stale and need a bit of a visual boost head to the New York Public Library to access to over 480,000 images online drawn from a broad range of original historical resources. Browsing the site, coffee in hand is just a great way to start the day. Who else is like me and needs this sort of visual sustenance sometimes?


  1. Kate, Mary and Judy – pleased you enjoyed the website I must admit I enjoyed the ‘down time’ this morning. I find something like this is much better than TV for just relaxing and unwinding a bit.

  2. COOL Website!! It’s Great. The textile section is fantastic, but the other exhibitions are fantastic, too….. It’s the kind of website I could waste a LOT of time browsing through!

    Thanks for the link, Sharon. *Sigh* (Back to work…)

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