October postcard

October postcard

October 2006 fabric postcard

As you can see I am skating through the door again to meet the 6 x 4 lives challenge. I posted earlier in the week that I just had the beading to do on this months card and I am pleased to say it’s done. I have not yet bound the edges which is why the image is cropped the way it is, but I don’t have time to drag out the sewing machine today. I will do it when I make up the bag I have almost finished. (I will post about that tomorrow.)

I don’t make these postcards to go through the mail. I simply use the format to experiment and explore ideas or techniques. I like them up on my wall. I have a larger version on my flickr account and now have all the fabric postcards in a set so you can browse all the previous ones.

Do take a look at the 6 x 4 lives photo pool to see what everyone else has been doing too.

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