Quilting and textile history seen through the eyes of Judy Breneman

Quilting and textile history seen through the eyes of Judy Breneman

Judy Anne Johnson Breneman has held a fascination for the history of quilting for a good decade. The urge to share this research had led Judy to build a network of informative websites. The first I would like to point you to is Patches from the Past and the second America’s Quilting History

Both sites are rich in articles and information on quilting traditions, myths, and the history of quilting. Patches from the Past incorporates information on the history of textiles from around the globe as well as heritage quilting.

America’s Quilting History houses articles on Crazy quilts, the Civil War, quilting bees, feed sack quilts, the multicultural nature of quilting, a good collection of links to sites that focus on the history of quilting, and a log of quilting history notes.

Following trails and pathways from America’s Quilting History I realised that this site is part of the Womenfolk site which has been online for a decade or so. Womenfolk houses a section on exploring the creative process which has articles on creativity, finding the space to be creative, journaling and techniques to foster creativity.

It will take you a while to browse all the infromation on these sites so make a cuppa settle back and enjoy.

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