Wisps on the hoop

Wisps on the hoop

As promised this is an update on my latest block. As you can see the stitching is done on this block now it is time to start beading. It is looking quite empty at the moment because I plan on a hefty bead and button trail on this block.

I just thought people would like to see the progress.

Thanks for all the comments left on my post yesterday. For those just swinging by this morning do take some time out to read the comments as there is some interesting takes on creativity.

Allison Aller made a good contribution to the topic mentioning that she meditates each morning. I have never been able to meditate – I am a miserable failure in that regard but I know some people find it a real boost.

ElizabethD’s tip on leaving something unfinished at the end of the day so that it’s easy to start the next is good one too. It means you don’t start the day with a ‘Where do I go to from here?’ question in your mind.

I am always surprised that so few textile practitioners keep visual journals. I have even had people say to me that if they kept a visual journal they would not find time to stitch. I puzzle at that as it is just a note book you don’t have to turn it into a major production or art work. I think my attitude is in part because few have been fortunate to have been trained. For me it seems a natural thing to do just as you would write down a telephone number so that you don’t forget it I note down an idea. I think it is one of those things I took from art school training that stuck. Also from first year students are taught to keep a visual journal and since at assessment we as teachers look at them I am around them, see people using them, see some great stuff in them, delight in them and above all it seems a natural part of creative life. They have become part of my daily routine and part of what I do. Once a routine they are easy to keep as basically you just chuck everything in them.


  1. I am inspired by your crazy quilt block. I never liked crazy quilting until I saw the Katrina Crazy Quilt Blocks. Now I am ready to make something. I will be back to view your block after you do the beading. I know it will be beautiful. I also will start journaling. Thanks for the great idea.

    Ellie Angelo
  2. This is a beautiful block. I do like a “block in progress” so that I can get a feel for how you put it together step by step. Can’t wait to see the bead/button embellishments.


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