Make your own Christmas Decorations

Make your own Christmas Decorations

In our family every year we add a few new Christmas decorations to the tree. We have been doing it for over 25 years so the tree is like a bit of family history. We both buy and make our own its a nice family tradition.

There are numerous sites online that have instructions on how to make decorations but I thought this Beaded Ribbon Bow Brooch would make a lovely Christmas decoration if made in the right colour.

It could also be used to decorate a special gift. It would not be the usual quick piece that is often attached to gifts it would be a gift in itself and for the right person an ideal touch.

For something quicker you can embellish this Felt Stocking Tree Decoration with a button and if you like the primative look this Hessian Heart will appeal and these simpler designs are ideal to make with children.

You can use felt for all sorts of decorations such as these Gingerbread Men These Cloth Candy Canes look simple and quick.


Fifty five years ago my father climbed a pine tree and cut two clusters of pine cones to make candle holders for the Christmas table. They are rather tatty now but we still use them every year. I wrap a bit of tinsel around them and tidy them up a bit. I have very fond childhood memories of collecting cones to make decorations and collected cones with our daughter when she was little. Directions on how to make Christmas Ornaments From Pine Cones are here

Well thats enough family history for one day – so waving I push myself back from the desk and move away from the computer. See you tomorrow …


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