Crazy Quilt Resources online

Crazy Quilt Resources online

I often get emails that ask basic questions about crazy quilting and how to go about it. Another landed in my inbox yesterday. I thought I would post links to resources online that answer many of the basics today. In response to questions on what my process was I ran a series of posts that covered many of the main steps is developing a crazy quilt block. In order they are:

Sourcing Crazy quilting materials

A response to questions about design in Crazy Quilting 

Crazy quilt piecing

Tips for Crazy quilting seam embellishment

Transferring designs to fabric

Crazy quilt embellishment with Silk Ribbon

Brazilian embroidery in Crazy Quilting

Raised embroidery in Crazy Quilting

Embellishing crazy quilt blocks

During the assembly of the Katrina All that Jazz Quilts Annie of Annies Crazy World meticulously assembled the quilts and blogged in detai, the process. For anyone who wants to know about assembling a crazy quilt this series gives a detailed blow by blow demonstration on how it was done.

The perma links in order:
Part 1- Assembling a crazy quilt

Part 2 – Trimming blocks to size

Part 3 – How to square a block

Part 4 – How to stitch the blocks together

Part 5 – Joining pairs of blocks together

ONE – the conclusion to part 5

Part 6 – Borders to Frame

Part 7 – More about attaching borders

Part 8 – Quilt Engineering

Part 9 – We have borders…

Part 10 – preparing the quilt for adding the real backing

Part 11 – Tying the Quilt

Part 12 -The Rod Pocket

Part 13 – Bindings

Another resource that is not to be missed is CQ Mag Online as it is an ezine produced and maintained by the crazy quilt online community. I also put together this list of crazy quilting resources online that are worth browsing. It’s always worth browsing the posts in the crazy quilting category for general tips and leads to other sites of interest to crazy quilters and other crazy quilters online.

I hope this list helps anyone who is embarking upon a crazy quilt or a crazy quilted project.




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