The sketchbooks of John Clapp

The sketchbooks of John Clapp

The sketchbooks of John Clapp are simply wonderful to browse.

When you visit his site you may want to settle back with a cuppa for some visual sustainance and reading material and read Suggestions for Improving a handout he gives to his drawing students on how to develop drawing skills.

About his sketchbooks he states that:

When you see an artist’s sketchbook, you’re really seeing how they think; which is the most important part of being an artist in the first place.

These are not necessarily representative samples from my sketchbooks, (I have pages filled with to-do lists and other mundane items) but they are a sampling of some of the more interesting pages. I deliberately included the full pages though to show that there might be a really bad drawing right next to something worthwhile. Personally, I think that’s exactly what makes them interesting to look at.


  1. Hi Sharon,

    I'm browsing through your archives and this list on John Clapp's website is one of the most valuable creative pushes I've read in a long time. His suggestion to "Practice what you can’t do!" really speaks to me, especially now that I've started keeping a dedicated sketchbook for TAST. It's so easy to go back to what's easy, but I'm finding more satisfaction in improving what I find difficult.

    Thank you very much for sharing such excellent resources.

  2. you have made me laugh, memory that I used cuadrenos of this cradled type studied, and a month ago I saw in the bookstore, I said I buy it ahead but, and the last week passes to a the bookstore and this exhausted, that pain queria one that allowed to use watercolor and does not have, buys the new pencils of watercolor now I needs the cuadreno… and I said myself I make it with one pretty cover or in fabric with a beautiful embroidering… is a way to remember all that ideas that sometimes come you to the mind…. and not to have papers watered throughout nor drawings on invoices or napkins…

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