Ebook on embroidery is online

Ebook on embroidery is online

The Gutenberg Project has an ebook by Grace Christie online. Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving . Although published originally in 1912 this book is a total gem don’t miss archiving a copy on your computer and printing out sections as you need it. This book is really a needlework classic that can still be used today. Not only does it cover the embroidery stitches for surface work but it also has a section on goldwork. It also has illustrations of some great vintage needlework patterns which are simple enough for crazy quilt motifs.

At the moment I am book obsessed as if you checkout Jerry’s blog you will see that he has finished our new book shelving. As anyone who has a largish library knows when you re-organize one section of the library you seem to end up moving around the lot! Yesterday we were doing that and it’s been hot! My arms are sore this morning but carting around a few thousand books back and forth between two rooms does that. Now the next job is to get them all – or the majority at least into library thing . What is Library thing? It is an online service which allows you to catalog your books.

The main advantage I can see is that you are able to access your catalog from anywhere even via a mobile phone. Now for anyone who has purchased a book twice because they forgot they have it this is great as you can check the catalogue before you make the purchase. It does not happen often but when it does it is annoying. Often Jerry is traveling with his job and if sees something I might be interested in he gets it for me. Obviously he does not know all the books I have on the subject of textiles but he will have access to that information once it is listed in Library thing.


  1. Thanks for the link to the book – I didn’t know you could get free books on the internet – I am learning all the time!! I have downloaded it and look forward to having a good read. Enjoying following TAST but have not joined in yet – love browsing your site but I have to limit my time or I will not get anything else done – don’t know how you find the time to post so much information.


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