Wednesday Wisp Reduction Report

Wednesday Wisp Reduction Report

On the sewing front this week has been a bit on the frustrating side as the house in total chaos. It is still the summer holiday period here in OZ and while Jerry is on leave he has been building bookcases in our dining room. Our dining area is going to become our lounge area and lounge area is becoming our dining room. Plans for the future are to knock out a wall between the kitchen and the new dining area. So a big reshuffle is going on and we have a huge accumulation of books that lines the walls of both rooms – or will do.

As regular readers will have sensed I am very much a person of routine. I establish a pattern and then plod through what ever it is I need to do. The combination of holidays and building projects means as yet I have not settled into the year . Nevertheless apart from the TAST Challenge samples I did get a little stitching done.

As regular readers will know this year I am attempting to work through the pile as part of Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge.

These diamond shaped blocks are in that pile and are part of the diamond block quilt I am working on. I finished the beading on this crazy quilt block which photographed looks a bit dull as I want it to read as dark tone when I set the quilt. I decided to feature some of the details on this block as it is not as uninteresting when you are close to it and can observe the embellishments.

As you can see from my stitch explorations yesterday for the TAST challenge I am becoming quite involved with these little ‘spots’ or circular shaped motifs that are made by repeating a stitch and further embellishing in some way such as sprinkling with beads.

All of the patterned and textured fabrics in this quilt are paisleys of one sort or another so the paisley motif seemed appropriate. The Martha Bingley quilt also has a paisley motif.

This is another seam embellishment which features some silk ribbon roses, lace and beading.

If you enjoy crazy quilting you might be interested in taking one of my online classes Encrusted Crazy Quilting which starts February 9, 2007. Bookings are open now. All my classes have an emphasis on design but this one in particular covers how to compose, construct and embellish a crazy quilt block. The link leads you to further details about the class.


  1. Sharon: Is there a picture somewhere online of the “Martha quilt” that is your inspiration for this project? My inspiration is Martha Green’s Talton quilt and I would LOVE to see what inspired you!

  2. I love the fan, Sharon… I followed the link over to Jerry’s blog and kinda skimmed through it (I’ll read it more in depth tomorrow morning) but I just have to tell you… when I saw where you said “I was thinking…” I just started laughing… those words strike terror into my hubbie’s heart… it always means a major project is in the wind. I called him over to read it and he just started grinning! I think he was relieved he wasn’t the only one to be tortured by those words. LOL!!


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