Bliss bag block complete

Bliss bag block complete

A few weeks ago I posted an image of the block I worked from one of Vivian and Mary’s Heavenly Embellishment Bliss bags. Annie Whitsed and I were both given a choice of bags.

The idea was to see what we could do with them.

I am not associated in any way with Vivian and Mary in other words I am not gaining financially from this – we are just friends and it was just a friendly gift.

Here is the finished block. The last time I wrote about this 8 inch block it still needed beading.

In the bag were a number of sequin trims (a picture of these is below) that I did not use when piecing the block. Since the sequins were in the shape of tiny flowers I decided to pull them apart and include them in the floral spray. You can see how I used them in the detail at the the top of the post.

I thought you might like a few close ups.

Here is another.



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