Wednesday WISPs and WIPs

Wednesday WISPs and WIPs

Last Wednesday I posted an image of a block assembled from one of Vivian and Mary’s Heavenly Embellishment Bliss bags. The idea was to see what we could do with them. Last week I pieced the block this week I embroidered it.

Annie Whitsed were both given a choice of bags. These bags retail at $10.00 Australian and each bag contains colour co-ordinated fabrics, a silk print picture, threads, trims and embellishments. As I assembled the block there was more than enough fabrics for a block. I found as I was embroidering that a heavy embellisher like myself needed a lot more threads, and ribbons but then these bags are not advertised as bags you can make a complete block from. They are stash enhancement bags.

The block is still on the hoop as it still needs beading and buttons but I hope to have that done by next week.

The other block I was working on this week is this diamond shaped block. The embroidery is done but as yet it too needs beading and buttons. These blocks are part of the diamond block quilt I am working on. It is inspired – or the shape of the blocks were inspired by a quilt made by Martha Bingleyin 1883.

As regular readers will know this year I am attempting to finish this quilt as part of Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge. On a slightly different note does anyone know where Sandie is as her blog is silent.

I now have a few blocks that need beading. I leave beading until the last and often wait until I have a few things to bead simply because at this state for some unknown reason I seem to need to pull out every bead and button in my collection and try them against the block. It is much easier if I have a few blocks that need beading as then the selection time is cut down. So this week beading is on the agenda.

My online class Encrusted Crazy Quilting starts in a couple of days time – February 9. I am looking forward to it as this class is always fun for me as well as the students. I always come away from the experience stimulated and thrilled by what people have learnt. It is a real buzz for me. Somedays even better than chocolate!

Anyway that is my weekly report on what I have been up to. I have to dash as Annie Whitsed is coming over to do some stitching this morning.


  1. Sharon, I just visited Sandie’s blog and left a message asking if she is okay. Not like her to be silent for so long. I have been working on my Indian Chief WISP cross stitch, and posted a photo of the current stage on my blog.
    Hope you are recovering from your health scares…I had a similar experience last year, being rushed off to hospital with a suspected heart attack. But it wasn’t that at all – more likely a mild stroke, my doc. thinks. Lesser of two evils?

  2. Hi Allie and all – yep it was nice to work an 8 inch block these diamonds are not giving much room to move and are challenging me in all sorts of ways – once in a quilt I think they will be fine but crowding them and keeping them reading within a tonal value is proving to be a challenge. That said I still am enjoying working in a different format and getting them to read in relationship to each other but I am definitely going to alternate between other CQ stuff otherwise I can see them becoming just too tight.

  3. Prairieknitter in the next 24 hours you will recieve a password from joggles- they run these things when you do login and download the first lesson swing by the forum as everyone will ‘waving hello’ including myself

  4. Hello! Beautiful block! I was wondering how the class on Friday will work — I signed up for it, bought my supplies, but beyond that I am clueless. What exactly will happen on Friday? I do have the curriculum, but the mechanics I am unsure of. — Andrea


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