Wednesday WISPs and WIPs

Wednesday WISPs and WIPs

Well it is time to get back into the swing of my weekly report on the state of my WISPs (Works in Slow Progress). As regular readers will know this year I am attempting to work through a pile of pieced blocks as part of Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge.

The last time I spoke about this block was here . As you can see I have done the beading on it and I thought you might like to see the eye candy.

These blocks are part of the diamond block quilt I am working on. It is inspired – or the shape of the blocks were inspired by a quilt made by Martha Bingley in 1883.

The small image at the top is how the blocks will be set. They are pieced and simply laid out on the floor so I could see how the quilt will read.

Here is another two details of this latest crazy quilt block.

This is a detail of floral spray section.

The other block I was working on this week is 8 inch block that was also ready to have beading and buttons. Now it is done too!

This is another that has been beaded. It is a section of a long strip like a band sampler and that is really what it is – a crazy quilt sampler.

Well that is it for my Wednesday work in progress report! (I think my energy levels are returning to normal)


  1. Oh Sharon, how beautiful your work is! I love when you share photos of your stitching. Such wonderful eyecandy!

    Hope you’re feeling well now. Love your blog. Don’t know where you find time for 3 of them!


    Pam Kellogg

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