Embroidery visual resource

Embroidery visual resource

Embroider the World is an interesting education resource provided by the Bankfield Museum.

The aim is to develop an understanding of how textiles are used and decorated throughout the world

It is well worth checking out.

Embroider the World uses just a small part of the ethnic textiles collection at Bankfield Museum to explain techniques and inspire design work.

Use each page as a visual resource, look at how each technique is constructed, then pick up a needle and experiment.


  1. You’re doing this to torture me, right??!! First the Visugraph thing, and now this…on the bright side I’ll be so busy catching all these ideas shooting like comets through my head that I’ll forget to eat and maybe lose a few pounds!! You’re a genius….(huge grin)and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! (dances around singing ‘two toys in one day…two toys in one day’…..!!

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