Series of lectures at Drexel University

Series of lectures at Drexel University

I received notice of an interesting series of lectures presented by Drexel University in conjunction with Material ConneXion, Inc.

Information about the event can be found here

I have lifted the description from their media release.

Materials are the fundamental building-blocks for the innovative products that we use on a daily basis. From high-performance polyurethane foam in basketball sneakers, to Gore-Tex heart valve replacements—materials make it possible. TEXTILES: THE NEXT HORIZON proposes textiles as the unifier from which cutting edge innovations can be made known to a variety of fields. Establishing a synergic alliance between fashion design, material engineering, chemistry, and bioscience & biotechnology—TEXTILES: THE NEXT HORIZON will investigate these multidisciplinary materials through lectures by five outstanding thinkers in their respective fields. A gallery exhibition will accompany the lecture series, and display textiles and materials applicable to these lectures and topics.

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