Getting lost on the NYPL Digital Gallery site

Getting lost on the NYPL Digital Gallery site

I still get lost on the NYPL Digital Gallery site. This morning I am running late because of a section of the site titled Dress and Fashion: Design and Manufacture Click on the collection contents link and you will be lost. Not lost in the site because of bad navigation but I warn you, your morning will be gone! Don’t resist just make yourself a cuppa and settle down for some fun browsing.

For anyone who enjoys fashion plates or fashion illustration a real gem is a 1904 publication titled Enter! Wash dress fabrics  Click on any of the images for details and from there you can zoom in on the images further.

The site is described as

Several rare and unusual published resources of interest to students of western dress and fashion from the 19th to the early 20th-century. Includes historical surveys as well as manufacturers’ booklets and sample swatch catalogs.

Simply put this description is underselling what is here.

If you have an interest in the history of dyes and dyeing fabrics the mordant dyestuffs of the farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co swatch books will fascinate you.

Another swatch book that had me hooked is the 1930-1933
Imported French fabrics, of E. Meyer & Co. The fashion illustrations are just gorgeous. (Double screen shot below)

I told you that you need to settle back with a cuppa – now go make one and enjoy!

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  1. Sharon,

    This site is a blast I have it on my Favorites but have never looked at the fashion and accesories pages. Finished my lunch now for a cuppa and while away the afternoon no quilting today.



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