Hand Held Fans online

Hand Held Fans online

I know Monday morning is not the time to say grab a cuppa but yesterday afternoon browsing led me to discover these sites. These are ideal for anyone interested in the history of fashion accessories or Crazy quilters who are designing embroidery motifs of fans. These sites are great visual resources to spark ideas.

The Fan Museum Greenwich London has a site that contains information about the history of fans, making fans, current exhibitions which have photos to browse. Throughout the site there are numerous images of fans.

The Fan Museum has over 3500 fans and fan leaves which include the splendid Hélène Alexander collection and further gifts and bequests which have been received since the museum’s incipience ten years ago. The collection is comprehensive, with examples from all over the world from the 11th century to the present day. However the collection is particularly strong in 18th and 19th century European fans.

If you have an interest in fans the Fan Circle International is a society established to promote an interest in fans.

The Hand Fan Museum is another site which is about fans. It is a very small site but does contain a few images of fans.


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