Card generator

Card generator

I am always fascinated when new technology imitates old technology. This Card Generator is a bit of fun. The free online software created by John Blyberg generates old library cards. You simply type in what ever details you want in the fields provided and it generates it for you.

I love the idea of fake ephemera as it hints at a story that could be told. If you are interested in the paper arts or create art journals, alter books, make ATCs or postcards you may find a print out of this useful. I think I will print one of these out on fabric to include in a crazy quilt or it would be a wacky quilt label like the one below.

I really like how each card looks a little different

I found this link by following a post about this on someones blog I can’t for the life of me remember who – but to who ever it was if you read this leave a comment, claim the credit and thanks!


  1. Sharon,

    ArtsyMaMa wrote about this in mid-February, I wrote about it after her, and Melody used the technique last week.

    Somewhere in there you ran across it.


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