Craft Redefining itself


  1. great read!
    i think that the emphasis is now shifting away from the cutesey or downright tacky towards more thoughtful design.This will (hopefully) in turn generate a wider interest and will fade out smirks into oblivion πŸ™‚

    neki desu

  2. Hi! Sharon,

    Thanks for the link to the Age article and Mindtracks, I am sure you are right that the Art/Craft School/Uni influences has raised the bar for Crafts and Arts in general.

    Though I don’t think one has to have those qaulifications there are many self-taught practicioners that are no slouches with their work and imagination, just that some people take us more seriously if there is a ‘learned background’ to legitimise something. I don’t agree with that attitude but one cant deny it is out in the market place.



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