Free Needlework books from Priscilla Publishing

Free Needlework books from Priscilla Publishing

The Priscilla Publishing Company published needlework books from the 1880’s to the 1920’s. Many of these are online in the Priscilla Publishing Company : Antique pattern library one of the highlights for me is the Priscilla Bead Work Book. Much of it is on beaded knitting but there are lots of ideas here that can be applied to a contemporary piece. There a number of vintage cross stitch designs on this site too.

If you are a paper arts practitioner, many of these books have fantastic adverts either front and back. Don’t miss them! The Priscilla Embroidery Patterns, Simple, Dainty, Up-To-Date Designs – Fall and Winter Catalog 1915-16 is a great resource for collage work.

These patterns are hosted by the Antique Pattern Library . If you are unaware of these folks you should really check out their catalogue as all their patterns are free.

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