I am back!

I am back!

St Albans Folk Festival is a small friendly festival held on the banks of the banks of the Macdonald river which is a branch of the Hawkesbury in New South Wales. We had a relaxing weekend of music and walks around the valley.

I plan on writing a longer post through the week but for the moment I had my camera in hand most of the time and took quite a few photos. Over the weekend I became fascinated with some of the textures to be seen. I have yet to sort the photos out so this is a little taster as I am sure people will see why I think these few photos will be sources for designs or inspiration for small embroidered pieces.

Well my mail box is full and I have just approved a pile of comments left as part of the TAST challenge. As we arrived home late last night the car needs to be unpacked and the camping gear needs to be cleaned. My decision to go with Jerry to the folk festival was a last minute one. I decided an hour before departure time so I packed a bag, threw things into the car and off we went. I was going to have a quite weekend on my own and stitch. I have to go to work today so will stitch the TAST samples tonight and catch up tomorrow on such things.

Finally on another note I want to say thanks to Pam Kellog of Kitty and me for sending me a gift. To my surprise when I checked the mail box on Friday a parcel of lace was waiting for me. So a big thankyou to Pam as this is what she sent me!

Over the weekend Peggy left an interesting story on my post about scutelliphily. and Nelapix left links to some interesting sites. I am still interested in any stories people might have about these garments so do leave a comment.

Anyway I have to dash – have a shower and get to work!


  1. Hi Sharon,

    Yes that’s a great help thank you. I’m very interested in the design aspect and I’ve been practising and working through the TASTs so I think I’ll give it a go!


  2. Hi Kat the joggles class ie Scrumptuous surfaces has a heavy emphasis on design that said beginners will be able to apply those design principles to the design exercises by just using simpler stitches. – Hope this answers your question –

  3. Welcome back Sharon.

    I’ve been checking the Joggles website almost every day waiting for new courses to be added in the hopes I could sign up for the Dictionary of Stitches, but I notice it’s not being offered this time around. I wondered whether the Sumptuous Surfaces required a certain level of skill? I’m only a beginner πŸ™‚


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