Wednesday Wisp Reduction Report

Wednesday Wisp Reduction Report

Once again it is time for my weekly WISP report. This weeks block is actually a block for a quilt that is being made up as a gift for someone. I don’t think she swings by here often, and I think she has no idea that a quilt is being made for her so I have posted a picture of it but am not going to say who it is for.

I was asked to work this 8 inch block in a particular colour scheme. Fortunately I had a block assembled sitting in my basket so pulled it out, embroidered it and then added the beads. All done!

This basket is starting to look as if it is reducing – but only just. Sandie (who proposed the UFO/WISP challenge) has a new blog as the last one no longer let her post. Now you can see what she is up to and follow the challenge in Delightfully Crazy If you are curious here is my original declaration of WISPS. I am not sure if this challenge is still active as I don’t see much in the blogs being posted about it. Leave a comment if you are working through a pile as I would love to know if people are still stitching or if it has fizzled.


  1. Hi Sharon, I have just rediscovered your new blog and have been reading my way through it. I have just two items I wish to comment on: firstly I was surprised (and happy) to find that I feel the same as you about most of the topics you wrote about in the meme (recycling, one car family, karma, etc.)
    Secondly, I have persisted with my oldest WISP, and am excited to think I should get it finished by Christmas! (The Indian Chief, in case you look for it on Patra’s Place)

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