A Jewel tone block completed for Wednesday

A Jewel tone block completed for Wednesday

Waving again with a report on what I have been stitching this week. (Turns and waves in all four directions and then does it again just in case I miss anyone out) This idea of reporting weekly as part of Sandie’s UFO and WISP challenge is certainly making me focus on them. Once again I have completed a block from start to finish with both embroidery and beading done.

This is an eight inch block which is very bright! The photograph makes it look toned down but two fabrics in the block are shot and depending on how the light catches the block it can look very different. The fabric in the middle is velvet which has a pattern on it printed in gold paint. Two braids have a brash metallic thread in them so I have kept the encrusting down a little because as I stitched the block was starting to look a little crass so I did not hit it with my heavy embellishers hand.

The Paisley pattern was fun to do and I thought you might like to see the detail


  1. Jacqui
    I mainly get stuff from thrift shops – but silk ribbon and DMC perle I buy from the local embroidery shop – threads and lace I hand dye myself
    What is it you are after? Perhaps I can be of more help as to where I aquire stuff

  2. Finally managed to get a password (first time an email actually reached me). Is there a way to change it so its more mememorable to me.

    I know that you get a lot of your beads and material from thrift shops but where else you get your wonderful collection from?

    I really enjoyed your class and have really got the bug now. Hope you look at my herringbone piece on TAST. I thought it would be good idea to join and I am starting from the beginning so I have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Hi Sharon

    I have finally managed to log into your comment section, had problems getting a password, never seemed to recieve one at my other email address.
    Just a quick question where do you get your supplies. I know from your blog that you roam thrift shops so a lot comes from there.

    Enjoyed your class immensely and I am still reading through all the material you provided. Hope that you saw my first tast entry. I am starting from the beginning so I have a lot to catch up with.

  4. Sharon, I see something that looks like metallic gold trim to the right. Can you share with us a larger image of this? I’m seeing a new “stitch” design but I need a larger image if you have time.


    Pam Kellogg
  5. You certainly are inspiring me to pick up my embroidery again! A question, though – what kinds of threads do you recommend for different fabrics? I’ve just picked up a bunch of Perle cotton in size 12, but I’m wondering if it’s too big for the batik I want to use it on. Have to done a post before about fabric and thread combinations? Thank you!


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