CQ Mag Online is out

CQ Mag Online is out

CQ Mag Online is out. This is a great issue one of the highlights being a much needed article by Allison Aller – a finalist in “The $100,000 Quilting Challenge” – on how to back a heavily embellished quilt so that it wont sag or distort. In the same issue Nancy Combs has highlighted Allison Allers work

There are tutorials galore as Ati Ham-sas has written on how to make a Round Bauble Bag and there is a No Sew CQ Doll by Stephanie Novatski. Kimber Pekora has written an article on how to make a Silk Ribbon Embroidered Pincushion Pillow and Diane Ricks has illustrated how to make Hanah-Artemis Hand-dyed Silk Velvet Roses. This issue also contains instructions for a Crocheted Thimble Cozy by Becky Dwyer.

Stephanie Novatski presents the third installment in this series documenting the creation a Memory Quilt From Ties. There is a a very interesting article on Oya by Barbara Blankenship.

There is also an update on my US teaching tour. There is heaps more in the way of reading, book and product reviews, ideas and inspiration in this issue including an article I wrote on making your own templates. So do pop over and check it out.

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