A tutorial on how to make a Ric Rac Rose or two

A tutorial on how to make a Ric Rac Rose or two

Some people call it ric rac other call it rick rack but no matter what you call the stuff it can make great roses. Here are tutorials for two different types that you can incorporate in your sewing or craft projects.

How to make a Ric Rac Rose 1

Depending on the size of the ric-rac you will need between 8 – 12 inches ric rac. The wider the ric rac the longer the piece you will need and it will obviously make a larger rose.

Thread a needle with sewing cotton that is the same colour of the ric-rac.

How to make a Ric Rac rose step 1Fold the end of your piece of ric rac  by crossing on piece in front as illustrated. Have about half an inch lap over.

How to make a Ric Rac rose step 2Roll the ric- rac tightly about 3 or 4 times until the folded end is tucked in. This forms the middle of the flower

I found it useful to put a few stitches in the base of the flower at this stage.

How to make a Ric Rac rose step 3Continue rolling the ric-rac around the flower fairly tightly twisting every second V over in on itself.

Do this 4-5 times. If the flower slips in your hand add a few stitches at the base as you go.

How to make a Ric Rac rose step 4As you reach the outer edge of the rose continue rolling the ric-rac around a few more times NOT twisting the V. This forms the outer petals of the flower which you can ease out a bit once it is stiched so they look as if they are in full bloom.

Stitch the base and you have a rose!

Second type of Ric Rac Rose

Using about 16 inches of ric-rac fold it in half and lace it so that it ends up looking like this.


How to make a Ric Rac rose step 1From the fold in the ric-rac roll it tight 3 or 4 times and put a few stitches in the base of the flower to hold it firm.

Wrap the ric-rac around the flower another 3-4 times holding it together with the odd stitch at the base.


How to make a Ric Rac rose step 2When you have a good flower middle continue wrapping but twist the interlaced ric-rac. These twists create the outer petals so do it for two or three rounds of the rose.

How to make a Ric Rac rose step3Stitch them down at the base as you go.


Trim the ends fold under and stitch them in place


How to make a Ric Rac rose step 4You have a ric-rac rose!

Hope the tutorial is useful and have fun.


  1. Nice work! Don’t do much handwork anymore w/ arthritis in both hands but added your site to my reference list for those days when I can hold a needle. There is too much wonderful information to loose it in Webland! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for all of the information on your website. I've just started learning embroidery and you have been my savior many times over. Your never to young to start learning (I'm 67). I've been quilting for two years. A few of us gals are making Anne Sutton's Henrietta Whiskers quilt and I want to add more embellishments to the quilt and you have been very helpful. Thank you again.

    Carol Ott
  3. Farah only blogger blogs have followers lists. I use different software so I am afraid the side bar followers list is not on my blog. You can still follow however – just follow!

    Thanks for your nice comment

    Sharon B
  4. its absolutly perfectionist beauty… I really like your blog and your group on stitchinfinger, I joined that also and I wanted if I can grab your button on my blog or I can be a follower of your blog… can you guide me? because there is no follower's list here
    Your work is amazing love your ribbon work very much.. I am not an expert but love to work really…

  5. Thank you so much for breaking the process down into managable sections. My Aunt used to make the roses into earings, and I always liked their look. And this was before pierced earings came into favor.
    I am definitely going to be using your instructions on some future projects. Thanks again.

  6. Thanks so much! My mom made ric rac flowers when I was a girl. She is no longer with us and I have been trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to make these! Such happy memories!

  7. Hi Sharon, I’ve printed off the instructions to add to my TAST file. I’m not actually a quilter or embellisher but last year I went to an exhibition of Dorset Feather Stitching at Dorchester Museum in Dorset and I was intrigued by the use of ricrac in the exhibits. Ricrac for me has been firmly linked with primary school and my first efforts at stitching on binca so I’ve never used it since thinking of it as something for children and unsophisticated. The exhibition showed me how wrong I was and I went out and bought some and used it in a sketchbook cover. Your roses extends that use in yet another direction and I definitely intend to have a go. Thanks!

  8. Hi Sharon,
    This is a great. I havent made any of theses for some time .I couldnt remember what I did to start them out. I did 1 thing different in the second type than you and that was to use 2 colors of ric- rac.
    I will post some pics when I get my own puter back from repairs. I have a loner for 2 weeks now and its driving me crazy. I cant even get to my blog cuz the filtering on it.

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