7 things about me

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7 things about me

I have been Tagged to reveal 7 things about me by Pat of Altering thoughts and Patterns from the Past

I don’t often reveal too much about the domestic side of life as I try to keep on topic. Although some of these things regular readers will know I am sure. Most of these things are on the personal side so here goes.

1. I believe in Karma and try to take responsibility for what I do in this life. I believe we are here to learn key lessons in life and if we are given a skill or talent we should share it.

2. Jerry my husband keeps a blog too its called Mindsigh

3. When Jerry and I married we decided that we would never buy a second car and never have. We have been a one car family for 27 years. Once more we decided we not buy a new car every few years so we are still driving the same car we bought 25 years ago. These to decisions were taken because we are both greenies and felt that unnecessary consumerism was destroying the world.

4. I have recycled goods most of my life. For instance the food storage containers in my kitchen are all recycled glass jars as I see no reason to buy plastic containers when we are throwing out others.

5. I don’t like junk food. I like to cook good nutritious food. I never eat at chains like MacDonalds or Kentucky Fried. My daughter was 16 before she first tasted food from one of these outlets as a school friend took her there. I don’t like sweet fizzy drinks and have not had a coke in over 30 years but I do like chocolate!

6. I live in the next suburb to Annie Whitsed and we get together every Wednesday to stitch. Her son and my daughter was born 3 weeks apart and they went to the same high school together.

7 Some readers may not know that my daughter Eve, works in a Circus Will O’ the Wisp . This year she is studying/training/ developing her circus skills at Circo Arts in New Zealand.

The second part of the meme is to tag a further 7 people I can’t quite decide if these memes are the equivalent of internet chain letters so I want to say people should only respond if they see it as a bit of fun – but here goes

Annie Whitsed , Allison Aller , Marty , Karen South , Pam Kellog , Jo In NZ , and Vivian

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