Crazy quilting international blog

Crazy quilting international blog

Those crazy quilters who are not members of the crazy quilting international discussion group on Yahoo may not be aware that as a group they also have a blog which members use to highlight various members work in progress. So if you are looking to browse a lot of eye candy do check out the Crazy Quilting International blog.

I must admit I have not been keeping up with the blogs and discussion lists while I have been writing the lessons for the Sumptuous Surfaces workshop. Since the class starts on Wednesday, I am at the final proofing stage and really looking forward to settling down with a cuppa and browsing the blogs, catching up on news, looking at the eye candy and doing some crazy quilting. There may even be some work in progress reports again!

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  1. Sharon, have just spent over an hour clicking on various links from this main site. As usual you brightened my day, its rainy and miserable in Sydney today and I’m feeling grumpy with a heavy cold. I’ve bookmarked lots of sites for future visits, thanks for taking the time to share your finds with us. Very inspiring.

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