Creative Resistance

Creative Resistance

Working with your creative processes is always and interesting challenge! It is worth popping over and reading A Grain of Salt as Anahata Katkin talks about working with the 5 stages of the creative process to overcome Creative Resistance. I am not sure I would call it resistance but the steps are certainly well described!

Artwork is made up of steps and mental landscapes. Like a good music soundtrack there are moods and different stages of fluidity and grit. Learning to navigate our creative process is about how our individual minds & emotions operate.


  1. Hmm, now I see what my problem is, I can’t get past the 2nd phase! Just proves what I always knew I guess, I just like mucking about with fabric and threads, I’m not a real “artist”. But I do lay claim to being an artisan, a subtle difference do you think? A very interesting link as usual Sharon. Such creative people out there in blogland, it makes my head spin sometimes (not Exorcist style, VBG)
    Hooroo, Christine
    for my current projects

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