Suzi Blu

Suzi Blu

I am sure many readers will delight in the contagious enthusiasm of Suzi Blu
Suzi Blu shares her life as an artist and the process of painting mainly on her YouTube site

Recently she has started a series on keeping a visual journal. Don’t miss them they are totally charming and along the way some very valuable advice is given.

Here is part 1

And here is part 2

and part 2b


  1. This is a secret message for only SuziBLu kind of people… *amazing people ;)*
    I you are following the Art Journal class… by doing, watching or waiting to have more time to start doing it… You are ONe of US…
    Need advice? insPiration?Watch your soulmates (classmates) ART.Share your frustations or happinnes about you have done or haven´t done?
    There is a Forum for joining all of us together and bother Suzi together. LOL

    She wanna talk, share and laugh and play as much As everyone else… So I am going to help her keep it HIGH!!!!She doesn´t want just to playthe teacher roll… After all WE Are all learning in this adventure wherever your place is.
    So… come on visit all of us! We are waiting for you…
    SuziBluTube and Batatakley *Val*

  2. Wow, what an interesting girl. I like how she gives us permission to just make a mess in our art journals. I have always had a problem doing this, it feels like you have to do something “meaningful” in it, not just squiggles. I’m afraid my grandmother spoiled it for me years ago when she said “a doodle is the sign of an untidy mind” It was the sixties, and we were all doodling psychadelic designs, me included. Wish now I had kept some, unfortunately I took her word for it and threw them all out. I used to get in trouble from my visual art teachers for just doodling too, isn’t it funny how times change? I still find it hard to sit down and stitch a few lines, or scribble on a piece of scrap paper. Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks do you think?
    Hooroo, Christine in sunny Sydney

  3. Art Junk Girl had these up yesterday, and I have begun to actually put things in the journal I made out of Lutradur and Lace for the Fibre & Stitch Sept. Challenge. *S*

    Total north Jersey there……*L*….that’s NEW JERSEY in America. They’re all the Sopranos.

    I hope she keeps up with it.

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