Important class announcement and a trip to Floriade

Important class announcement and a trip to Floriade

I have had to change the start dates for both my online classes at Joggles because of family commitments. As regular readers will know my daughter eve is currently studying circus. I am going to New Zealand for a week to see Eves end of year performance. Her  performance has turned out to be a bit of an excuse for a family reunion and three generations will be there as she does her stuff on tight wire, stilts and what ever else she will surprise us with.

The dates coincided with the start dates so the classes have been pushed back a week rather than try to juggle forum posts from a hotel internet connection. I hope people understand and this does not throw too many people out. Develop a Personal Library of Stitches Wednesday November 7 and Encrusted Crazy Quilting is starting on Friday November 9. People that are enrolled will receive an email from Joggles but I also wanted to say let people know here and appologise but I am sure you will understand why I want to be there!

On another note, every year Canberra has a huge flower festival and we always go to Floriade as apart from enjoying the lgardens the photos I take are always a great source of design and half a ton of images end up in my visual journal as a result of an afternoon with a camera in hand! As you can see there are great expanses of bulbs to seen.

This year the theme was Aussie icons, myths and legends and the Aussie Ute was not left out.

This old beast has been gloriously retired and filled with bulbs. I guess it beats planting them in old wheel barrows!

I also take lots of close up details shots of flowers to use as a design source. This water bowl in a landscaping suppliers display is taken from above so you can see the flowers floating in the water bowl. I really liked the contrast between hard and soft elements.


  1. I LIKE the schedule change. I am on vacation when you were scheduled to start – now I will be getting home a couple of days after the start. So in case you hear a lot of not happy people – well you have one happy student!


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